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Fiofro Limited specialise in the provision of social platforms for our clients and our international distributor channels.

  • So why have a FIOFRO Platform?

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  • Your Own Social Network Platform

    A Social Engagement Platform from FIOFRO Limited helps organisations of all types and sizes to engage, communicate and connect with their members, supporters, fans, employees and community through a fully branded, interactive, dedicated social network. It is basically your own online social network business in a box.

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    • 2. Features
    • 3. Benefits
    • 4. Revenues
    • 5.The Process
    • 6. FAQ's

    So what is a Social Engagement Platform ?

    A Social Engagement Platform from FIOFRO Limited is a state of the art, social network that is fully branded and hosted as your organisation and can help almost any type of community or club to connect, consolidate and communicate with their members, whilst helping to increase attrition and interactive activity and directly benefiting your organisation financially, all without any capital outlay costs.

    So how big is this market ?

    Social networking is probably one of the largest marketplaces in the world and with over 70% of the world using some form of social media to connect, this market place is just getting larger and larger, to give you some idea of the size of this market, click on the video above to watch the movie about the size of the social media market place.

    So is a Social Engagement Platform from FIOFRO Limited right for you ?

    Well lets see;

    Are you tired of growing another companies brand, whilst generating them Millions of dollars in advertising revenues and Billions of dollars in asset valuation yet being offered nothing, not even a thankyou?

    Would you like to become your own social media giant branded as your own organisation, serving your own community or customers, generating you these revenues, where you own all of the data and you are building your own business instead of someone elses?

    If answered YES to either of these questions then a Social Engagement Platform from FIOFRO is the right solution for you.

    FIOFRO Social Platforms are branded as your organisation, delivering your message to your members, generating you revenues. They are fully responsive and work with all known browsers on PC, Tablet and Mobile.

    We specialise in the provision of online services that help organisations of all sizes to engage, communicate and connect with their members, supporters or employees through the provision of a cost effective, branded Social Platform, where you own all of your data, you own the brand and you own all and any revenues.

    In the past this type of service has been cost prohibitive to most organisations and this opportunity was seized upon by a number of large, well funded social organisations providing the use of their branded services as long as you promote their branding, build their asset values and generate them millions of dollars in advertising revenues.

    Well no more, we have removed these historic barriers by providing you with your own state of the art social network, branded as your organisation with no capital outlay cost to your organisation.

    We help organisations of all sizes to benefit from the social asset that they are building and moving those assets into a dedicated, branded, secure environment that benefits both the user and the organisation, taking back control of your members, your revenues, your data and your asset values.

    It is important to point out that you own all and any data created on your platform, We are not a data mining company, we are a software provisioning company who run a somewhat unique model that removes the risks and barriers of creating your own social community that is branded as your organisation and delivered under your own dedicated URL and not someone else's brand or branded sub domain.

    Why not contact your local office today to find out more information?

    fiofro permission based

    Your own Social Platform branded as your organisation

    Your own Social Platform, fully branded as your organisation, generating you revenues. Your Logos, your images and your colours, You own all of your data and your business, all payments go directly to you on your own dedicated URL.

    fiofro multi member

    Generating you revenues for life

    All revenues go directly to your organisation, via your own payment gateways. We provide the ability to generate multiple lifetime revenue streams for your organisation, revenues that you own for life.

    fiofro multi member

    Multiple membership levels & access control

    Create multiple membership levels to increase revenue generation. You could choose to have a free restricted access level membership to try your social network, then upgrade to a paid less restricted level, then upgrade to a paid all access membership level.

    fiofro member mangement

    Automated Membership Management

    Integrated membership subscription systems linked directly to your payment gateway that manages all subscriptions, payments, activations, invoicing, member management, access control and renewals, leaving you free to concentrate on your business and revenues.

    fiofro peer to peer

    Permission based, peer to peer networking

    Full state of the art, permission based social networking in a private and secure environment where you have control over who you connect with. Simply make a connection request or accept or decline people who want to connect with you based upon their profile information.

    fiofro live chat

    Member to member live chat

    Your platform will come with a fully integrated live chat system, this enables connected members to connect with each other and open a live text chat sessions. The live chat feature also allows a number of connected members to chat live any one time.

    fiofro profile create

    Automatic profile creation and management

    When a new member registers, the system automatically builds their profile, this profile is fully editable, members can change their avatars, change their details, change their cover images, upload profile videos and promote themselves across the network.

    fiofro groups

    Public and Private Groups

    Members can create and join groups; this is like a network within the network where members can create their own common interest groups. This allows for group avatars, group covers, group discussions, group events and the ability to contact all members at once.

    fiofro video uploads

    Video Uploads and Links

    Your members will be able to upload videos directly onto the network or display videos from You Tube, Yahoo Video, My Space Video, Flickr, Vimeo, Blip.tv, Daily Motion, Live Leak or Viddler with the click of a single button. Members can even create and upload their own profile videos.

    fiofro photo uploads

    Photo uploads and albums

    Members will be able to create photo albums and upload images directly to share with other members, all photos and videos can be Geo Tagged and made searchable to other members or kept private, again the amount of photos you allow is entirely up to you and your members.

    fiofro events

    Events, event management and ticketing

    Members will be able to create events, send invites, contact all attendees, add event avatars and cover images as well as be able to create tickets. The ticketing system allows for free or paid events where tickets can be sold to other members and you receive booking fees.

    fiofro pricavy

    Member privacy management

    Your members can edit their privacy setting. This enables you members to decide what they wish to be public, members only, friends only or private. Privacy settings can be set on any of the areas within the network allowing members to manage their privacy.

    fiofro search

    Advanced member search facilities

    Your platform will have a state of the art, advanced member search facility, enabling searches to be carried out on over 14 unique sets of search criteria and against almost every part of the members profile information. This provides an unparalleled member to member match.

    fiofro invite

    Member invitation system

    Members can invite other members and help grow your community, your platform will come with a full member invite system. Members can invite their friends or colleagues to join your network. When the person joins they are automatically connected to the inviting member.

    fiofro communication

    Member communication and notifications

    Members can chat and post messages with people they are connected to and the system also automatically posts any change notification to the connected members via email and internal notification, this creates a more active network as the members log back in to look.

    fiofro share

    Content sharing systems

    Any content that your members add can be shared on over 293 other social platforms, through our integrated content sharing system. You post a video and share it on facebook for example. This is an automatic process that shares that content and links it back directly to your platform.

    fiofro marketplace

    Optional Market Place system

    Once you have a number of members you can request the addition of your own marketplace, this is like a branded E-bay for your network where members can add products for sale and other members can buy those products directly from the promoting member.

    fiofro documents

    Optional Document Management systems

    If you have internal information that you would like members to be able to access based upon their subscription level then we have a state of the art document management and display system that is fully integrated with our platforms.

    fiofro classifieds

    Optional Classified Ads or Exchange system

    You can at any time request the addition of your own integrated Classified Ads system where you users can place their own adverts within a set area within the network, these ads can be charged for by category, by day, by month or by the amount of images they can upload.

    fiofro admin

    Full WYSIWYG Administration system

    We have worked very hard to ensure that your platform is easy and simple to administrate, whilst providing all of the stats and information you could ever want, including the ability to email all of your members in one go. This is truly our crowning achievement.

    Owning your own Social Engagement Platform, comes with a wide range of benefits to you as the owner, we have outlined some of the core benefits in our video and provided a more comprehensive list below, why not find out all of the benfits in your specific market sector and get in touch, one of our specialist advisors will be more than happy to explore any idea you may have and to help you understand how you can benefit from your own Social Engagement Platform.
    Please take the time to view the FIOFRO Limited overview video outlining some of our core benefits.
    Benefits of running your own Social Platform from FIOFRO Limited;
    • Absolutely no capital outlay
    • No technical experience required, we do it all
    • You own all of your members data
    • All Revenues go direct to your organisation
    • You own your business and your brand
    • No hidden fees or penalties what so ever
    • Fully tailored to your network requirements
    • Branded as your organisation on your own URL
    • Stop growing someone else's brand
    • You own the entire asset value of your members
    • A secure private environment
    • Full management of reputational risk
    • No development or alteration costs
    • Ready to trade within 30-days
    • We provide a fully proven system
    • Your images, your videos, your content
    • Fully managed service delivery
    • Full Premium options to get you started
    • Editable categories for photos, videos & events
    • Fully editable registration information
    • Integrated management information systems
    • Integrated all member email broadcast system
    • Multiple Tiered membership levels available
    • Multiple subscription levels available
    • Per level member restrictions available
    • Automated membership upgrade paths available
    • Optional integrated rewards programmes
    • Integrated Events and Ticket Sales Systems
    • Page sponsorship systems
    • Full membership profiles & avatars
    • Fully interactive, branded, community platform
    • share posts, like items, dislike items










    A FIOFRO Platform is so much more than a social network, it is an entire ready made business in box, ready to start consolidating your members and generating you revenues, how successful you are is entirely up to you.

    Like all real business opportunities, you are building your business and not our so when you have grown your network you have the ability to sell it on to another buyer if you wish.

    Why not contact one of our offices and find out more about how we can help.

    So how do you build your asset and generate revenues?

    Putting it simply, FIOFRO Limited provide you a fully branded platform and you market your new network to your followers, supporters, fans and people who are interested in your community, the system has a number of integrated revenue generating models that pay ALL revenues direct to your organisation.

    For the purposes of this example; we have chosen 3 values and assumed a network of only 5,000 people sharing a common interest.

    This is a direct comparison of you using a public social giant and running your own Social Engagement Platform.

    Revenue Streams

    Revenues from your own Platform


    Revenues from a Social Media Giant

    Subscriptions   £180,000   £0.00
    Advertising   £20,000   £0.00
    Asset Value   £650,000   £0.00
    Upgrade   £60,000   £0.00

    The above figures are based on only 5,000 users paying a £3.00 per month subscription with 50% upgrading by £2.00 within 6 months. The user value is based upon  a market rate of £130.00 per subscriber valuation. All figures are pre revenue share splits.


    OK, so lets look at an example;

    Let's say for example you are a a sports brand (maybe a football club) and you have 50,000 UK supporters and another 20,000 supporters spread throughout the world and your stadium holds 22,000 capacity of which 3,000 seats are reserved for the visitors. On a good day the brand engages with 19,000 supporters, twice a week, provided that the stadium is filled to capacity.

    So who is engaging with the other 51,000 supporters, who did not buy a ticket, maybe do not or cannot attend fixtures and in many cases do not generate any revenues for the brand ?

    Taking the above assumptions into account, at £3.00 per month, the average price of a programme, the sports brand could be generating an extra £153,000 per month just from the subscriptions of supporters who did not or do not attend fixtures and therefore make no revenues for the sports brand at present.

    That's an extra £1,836,000 per annum without any capital outlay, ticket sales, merchandising, or advertising revenues.

    At present market value of this asset would be worth an additional £6,630,00.00 yet most sports brands are currently giving this asset value to facebook for free.

    Even if the sports brand only engaged with the 20,000 international supporters who often don't generate any revenues for the sports brand, this would still be generating an extra £720,000 per annum from a base subscription rate and generate an asset value of £2,600,000.00.

    These figures are based purely on a base rate subscription of £3.00 per month and does not include any revenues from merchandising, subscription upgrades, events, prize draws, fee based access areas, pay per view items, targeted advertising, sponsorship, memorabilia, ticket sales, programme sales or any other forms of revenue.

    In today's competitive market place, can any sports brand afford not to be generating these kinds of potential revenues from un-engaged, un-serviced supporters ?  Especially when there is no capital outlay to implementing such a solution.

    It all sounds too good to be true. How do you make any revenues if you do not charge any set up fees, hosting fees or provision fees?

    Well, we take all of the risk in the provision of your Social Engagement Platform and for this we share in the reward, in a form of an agreed revenue share. It is like a partnership, we provide all of the systems and support at our expense and you market the service to your followers and we all share in the success.

    It's that simple.


    Obtaining your social platform from FIOFRO Limited could not be more simple.

    Contact the office that is closest to you by clicking on one of the offices below. one of our agents will come right back to you to answer any questions you may have and to arrange a time to go through our one page order form with you. It's that simple.


    We will work closely with you through the entire process providing assistance every step of the way, our success and the success of our agents and distributors is directly affected by your success, so we will do everything we can to help ensure you have everything you need to build a successful connected community.

    So what is the process involved in getting my platform Live ?

    As with our ordering process we have completely simplified our processes for obtaining your social platform.

    1. Tell our agents all about your network idea and the community you want to attract and how you want to generate your revenues for your business.

    2. Complete and sign our one page order form though one of our agents, outlining the deal, revenue splits and owner details.

    3. Complete the required information guide by filling in all of the required information and supply this to our agents, the information provided is then checked and  processed to ensure we have all of the information we need to build your platform. Work will not begin until all required information is supplied as this information is required to deliver your system.

    4. Either buy a new domain or point your existing domain at our servers - we will provide a full guide on how to do this. We can also provide a domain purchasing service for those who want us to manage this process for them - you will still have to pay for your new domain name.

    5. Once we have verified that we have all of the information required, we create your account on our dedicated servers and build your social platform, we then completely brand this platform as your organisation, your logos, your images and your colour schemes all under your domain name.

    6. We now create your subscription models as laid out in the required information and we link these subscriptions to your payment gateway. Do not worry if you do not have a payment gateway, this can be done for free and we can link with over 20 different options - the most popular of which being Pay Pal.

    7. We now test the entire system, add some video, add some images, create some groups, register some sample users, connect everyone and test all of the features of your platform. Once tested and cleared we remove all of our test data and your system is prepared for launch.

    8. The system can, provided all of the information is correct, go live within 30-days of your placing your order, however we recommend that one of our agents spend some time with you before launch, to walk you through the system, explain all of the features and walk you through any administrational areas. Once you are happy and feel comfortable, we let the system go live.

    9. You start to market and promote your platform and our agents will support you every step of the way.

    10. You are now a live network, with members joining, generating your revenues and inviting other members to join them in the world you have just created for them. It's that simple. Our agents will keep in touch and support you throughout the entire journey.

    Why not just use existing Social Media ?

    Do you want to build your own brand, revenues and assets or someone else's? Using existing social media you do not own the brand, You do not own your data/members. You are not valued at billions of dollars, they are. You are simply promoting their business, not yours.


    What is the cost of a FIOFRO platform ?

    FIOFRO Limited is dedicated to removing the barriers of trade for our clients and to this end there are no capital outlay, no hosting costs, no platform branding costs. In fact getting started does not cost your organisation anything. We take the risk and share in the success.


    How do I get a platform ?

    To order your platform, you simply fill in and sign our one page order form and then complete our required information document, you then send this document and your images back to us, we then verify the information and provided it is complete we build your platform.


    How does my organisation generate revenues ?

    The revenue generating possibilities are endless. Your branded platform can generate revenues in any number of ways such as membership subscriptions, upgrades, pay per access, sponsorship, targeted advertising, event ticket sales and much, much more.


    Who decides the amounts we can charge ?

    Putting it simply, you do. We will of course make recommendations and check the commercial efficacy of your plan to help to ensure the viability of the solution but essentially this is your branded platform providing services to your members, generating you revenues.


    Who collects the revenues ?

    All revenues go directly into your organisation, you take all of the payments directly in to your account, this removes any concerns that organisations may have about ensuring that you get paid the revenues that your branded platform generates.


    Where and how does FIOFRO make their money ?

    The answer to this question is simple, as we take all of the initial risk and investment so we also share in the success of your branded platform. We invoice you for an agreed percentage of the generated revenues at an agreed time after your organisation has cleared the funds.


    Who owns the user / member data ?

    FIOFRO Limited is a software provision house and not a data mining company. The users of your branded platform are yours, we provide a written guarantee that all user data is and shall remain the exclusive property of you or your organisation.


    Are there any hidden penalties ?

    In short, NO there are no hidden penalties, we understand our risks and stand by our model, all that we ask is that you promote your new platform to your target audience. If for any reason your platform proves to be unsuccessful, we simply agree a date to stop the service.


    Is there a need for technical knowledge ?

    Not at all, we deliver your branded platform ready to trade, we take care of all the technology for you and provide you with an easy to use WYSIWYG admin area, so basically, if you can use Microsoft word, you will have no problems managing your platform.


    How much work is involved ?

    This depends on what you want to achieve, there is no such thing as a build it and they will come solution. You need promote your platform to your target audience, tell them you exist and why they need to join, once you reach a level of users the system takes care of its self.


    I have a shopping cart, can this be integrated ?

    The platforms are hosted on our specialist dedicated servers and as such are required to be in this environment so integrating an existing shopping cart is not possible, but we can display your full shopping cart within the platform, achieving the same result.


    Is it possible to add items to this solution ?

    Once trading, the platform is fully upgradeable based on your requirements and commercial viability. We can add polling systems, crowd funding systems, document management systems, live video streaming and much, much more. Just tell us what you need.


    What happens to my data if I choose to stop running my platform ?

    Should you decide to stop running your platform at any time, we simply agree to the date on which your platform is taken down, we then export your entire dataset to an excel document for you and email it over the day before your system is switched off.


    What if someone wants to buy my business / network ?

    In this case you decide if the offer is attractive to you, this is your business so of course you can sell it to anyone, all that happens is your agreement with us rolls on to the new owner, we are simply the exclusive revenue share software provider.

    We provide a fully managed service for our clients, our international licensed distributors and their clients to help them to start trading from day one. There is no need to have any technical expertise as we take care of everything for you. We build the service, configure the service, brand the service, we add the clients content and images, and we host the service for the client on our state of the art, secure, dedicated servers.
    All a client needs to do is to tell people that they exist, promote their network, grow their business and grow their revenues, it's that simple.

    Don't become a voice shouting amongst a billion other voices, diluting your message, your objectives and your brand. Become the dedicated voice for your specific community today with a Social Engagement Platform from FIOFRO Limited.