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City Business Links Features

2. Features

fiofro permission based

Go Live Within 14-days

A fully branded, fully tested, business opportunity that is ready to trade and start generating your revenues within the next 10-days. A full state of the art local business network and support centre generating lifetime revenues for our partners.

fiofro multi member

Multiple Revenue Streams

Multiple membership levels to increase revenue generation, multiple membership upgrade options providing more access for members, business Events & ticket Sales, run your own charged for physical events and much, much more.

fiofro member mangement

Automated Membership Management

Integrated membership subscription systems that manage all subscriptions, payments, activations, invoicing, member management, access control and renewals, leaving you free to concentrate on your business and revenues.

fiofro peer to peer

Exclusive City Partnerships

All City Business Links partnerships, provide exclusivity to that specific city. There will only ever be one partner per city so long as the partnership targets are met and maintained, generating you revenues for life.

fiofro live chat

Main Member Access

City partners are provided with a master user account where all members are automatically connected with that user, so you post something in your city once and all members get the information you posted.

fiofro profile create

Transparent Revenue Systems

All city partners are provided with live access to view the live payment gateway for their city, this means you will be able to see all revenues generated at any time and from any location, delivering full transparency.

fiofro groups

A Fully Managed Opportunity

You do not need any technical knowledge or ability, FIOFRO own and operate the entire platform for the city, we take care of everything, freeing you to focus on your city, your business and your growth, It's that simple.

fiofro video uploads

Zero Capital Outlay, Zero Risk

Thats right, there is no capital outlay required, no hidden fees and no costs, just an honest and open business opportunity that generates you revenues for life by promoting a required service in your city.

fiofro photo uploads

Full Training & Support

A fully tested training and support package to help you grow your city into a success pillar of the local business community, your success is our success so we work with you to help your city grow.

fiofro events

When It's Gone, It's Gone

All cities are allocated on a first come first served basis, so if you have your eye on a city and want to come on board and join the team, ACT NOW as when an exclusive city is gone it is gone.