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City Business Links Revenues

4. Revenues

So, what can I make with the City Business Links programme from FIOFRO ?
This all depends on what you do and how many business members you attract in your city, also not all cities are equal, you have small cities and large cities, for example Cardiff in Wales has around 40,000 businesses where New York has around 1.8m million businesses.
For the purposes of this example, we have chosen to provide general revenue rates based upon the number of memberships on any given platform, we have kept the numbers low and only provided the financial figures that you would actually receive as your exclusive revenue share.
Revenue Streams
  Period   You Could Earn
Based on a 500 business member city platform 12-month £60,000.00
Based on a 1,000 business member city platform 12-month £305,782.96
Based on a 5,000 business member city platform 12-month £1,538,914.82
Based on a 10,000 business member city platform 12-month £3,523,294.38
The above figures are based on estimated upgrades, memberships and special offer commission over a 12 month period, they could vary greatly based upon member activity. All figures are city partner revenue share splits and are purely estimated.
The above figures are what you get paid, now extrapolate this by the size of your target city, the amount of businesses you can market City Business Links to and how many of those members join and you will begin to understand the power of becoming a City Business Links, city partner with FIOFRO Limited.
It all sounds too good to be true. How do you make any revenues if you do not charge any set up fees, hosting fees or provision fees?
Well, we take all of the risk in the provision of the City Business Links Platform and for this we share in the reward, in a form of an agreed revenue share. It is like a partnership, we provide all of the systems and support at our expense and you market the service in your city and we all share in the success. It's that simple.