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Distributor Benefits

2. Distributor Benefits

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Unlimited Earning Potential

Your income will grow as big as your clients grow, your income is based upon your clients turnover times the number of clients you have, for life. So the more they make and the bigger they grow the more you earn. There is no upper cap.

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A Lifetime Income

Your clients remain your clients for life and so does the income they create for you. You manage your clients directly, they do not even need to know we exist. You are paid directly by your clients, you control your payment terms.

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Your Own Business & Brand

You are in full control of your business, your brand, your revenues, your growth and your approach. You are simply building your business providing our services at no cost to your business. You own your business and your clients.

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Zero Capital Outlay

We are not a franchise. We work in partnerships where we all benefit. You benefit from our services, the client benefits from the systems and we all benefit from the clients growth. No stock to purchase, no provisioning costs, just transparent business.

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No Technical Experience Needed

We take care of everything technical and at our expense, we take care of all hosting, branding, development, support and platform management. You do not have any operational costs at all, leaving you free to focus on building your business.

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No Market Restrictions

We do not restrict your markets, go where you want, sell to who you want, when ever you want. So long as the platform is commercially viable, you can sell to any marketplace in the world. (Excluding City Business Links).

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Supports All Client Types

Our platforms have been designed to be flexible and adaptive, they can adapt to meet and exceed the requirements of almost any market sector and in the odd occasion when it does not we can tailor our systems to meet any needs.

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Sub Distributor Opportunities

As a FIOFRO Licensed Distributor, you have the ability and facilities to recruit and manage your own sub distributors within your own business. Any sub distributors are solely contracted to you and have no relationship with FIOFRO Limited.

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A Win Win Win Proposition

We believe in win win win opportunities, Your client wins as they now have a £1million platform with no capital outlay, You win because you are now generating an ongoing revenue stream for life and we win as we share in the success.