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Online Advice Platform Features

2. Features

fiofro permission based

Your own Online Advice Platform branded as your organisation

Your own Online Advice Platform, fully branded as your organisation, generating you revenues. Your Logos, your images and your colours, You own all of your data and all payments go directly to you on your own dedicated URL.

fiofro multi member

Generating you revenues for life

All revenues go directly to your organisation, via your own payment gateways. We provide the ability to generate multiple lifetime revenue streams for your organisation, revenues that you own for life.

fiofro multi member

Multiple membership levels & access control

Create multiple membership levels to increase revenue generation. provide a different level of service based upon the level of membership selected and paid for, restrict access to areas based upon the membership level, drive upgrades with offers.

fiofro member mangement

Automated Membership Management

Integrated membership subscription systems linked directly to your payment gateway that manages all subscriptions, payments, activations, invoicing, member management, access control and renewals, leaving you free to concentrate on your business and revenues.

fiofro peer to peer

Private, live, online consultation rooms

Full state of the art, live online consultation rooms for when you and the person seeking advice need to talk to one another in a secure, private environment. delivering an unlimited number of consultation rooms with no software installation required.

fiofro live chat

Live 1 to 1 private questions & answers system

A state of the art online support system with pre set up accounts for 5 advisors, where your subscribers can post questions and you or your advisors can post live answers. This system has full management and reporting facilities.

fiofro profile create

Integrated document management systems

Provide access to documents and forms that may help to provide support or information to your subscribers, this is a fully managed document system where you can upload documents and your subscribers can access them depending upon membership level.

fiofro groups

Integrated Common FAQ system

Create, edit, remove and manage the most common questions through a fully integrated FAQ system, you add the question, add the answer and the system takes care of everything else. you can even direct to any FAQ from within the Q&A system. It's that simple.

fiofro video uploads

Integrated video support Systems

You can upload or link to any support videos and natively display videos from You Tube, Yahoo Video, My Space Video, Flickr, Vimeo, Blip.tv, Daily Motion, Live Leak or Viddler with the click of a single button. subscribers can search and watch all videos.

fiofro events

Optional events, event management and ticketing

Advisors will be able to create events, add cover images as well as be able to create tickets. The ticketing system allows for free or paid events / workshops / seminars where tickets can be sold to your subscribers and are emailed to the purchaser upon cleared funds.

fiofro marketplace

Optional integrated shopping cart

If your advice involves the the use of a product, then why not add our optional shopping cart to your service and sell the item at the exact time that you are providing the advice, in the exact environment where they have taken the advice, helping you to drive revenues.

fiofro admin

Full WYSIWYG Administration system

We have worked very hard to ensure that your platform is easy and simple to administer, advisors see an added menu for accessing advisor specific areas and managing the services provided to the subscribers through the system. simply point and click, it's that simple.