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1. Overview

So what is a Social Engagement Platform ?

A Social Engagement Platform from FIOFRO Limited is a state of the art, social network that is fully branded and hosted as your organisation and can help almost any type of community or club to connect, consolidate and communicate with their members, whilst helping to increase attrition and interactive activity and directly benefiting your organisation financially, all without any capital outlay costs.

So how big is this market ?

Social networking is probably one of the largest marketplaces in the world and with over 70% of the world using some form of social media to connect, this market place is just getting larger and larger, to give you some idea of the size of this market, click on the video above to watch the movie about the size of the social media market place.

So is a Social Engagement Platform from FIOFRO Limited right for you ?

Well lets see;

Are you tired of growing another companies brand, whilst generating them Millions of dollars in advertising revenues and Billions of dollars in asset valuation yet being offered nothing, not even a thankyou?

Would you like to become your own social media giant branded as your own organisation, serving your own community or customers, generating you these revenues, where you own all of the data and you are building your own business instead of someone elses?

If answered YES to either of these questions then a Social Engagement Platform from FIOFRO is the right solution for you.

FIOFRO Social Platforms are branded as your organisation, delivering your message to your members, generating you revenues. They are fully responsive and work with all known browsers on PC, Tablet and Mobile.

We specialise in the provision of online services that help organisations of all sizes to engage, communicate and connect with their members, supporters or employees through the provision of a cost effective, branded Social Platform, where you own all of your data, you own the brand and you own all and any revenues.

In the past this type of service has been cost prohibitive to most organisations and this opportunity was seized upon by a number of large, well funded social organisations providing the use of their branded services as long as you promote their branding, build their asset values and generate them millions of dollars in advertising revenues.

Well no more, we have removed these historic barriers by providing you with your own state of the art social network, branded as your organisation with no capital outlay cost to your organisation.

We help organisations of all sizes to benefit from the social asset that they are building and moving those assets into a dedicated, branded, secure environment that benefits both the user and the organisation, taking back control of your members, your revenues, your data and your asset values.

It is important to point out that you own all and any data created on your platform, We are not a data mining company, we are a software provisioning company who run a somewhat unique model that removes the risks and barriers of creating your own social community that is branded as your organisation and delivered under your own dedicated URL and not someone else's brand or branded sub domain.

Why not contact your local office today to find out more information?

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No capital outlay, No hidden costs or fees, just an honest business opportunity, generating you revenues.

Potential Market Sectors

think network

Are you listed :
All FIOFRO platforms are designed with each client in mind and are extremely flexible, which means they can cater for and respond to almost any social requirement or market sector you can think of, some of these market sectors are;
  • Supporter based groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Political Pressure Groups
  • Common Interest Groups
  • Business Networks
  • Sports Associations
  • Community Engagement
  • Collaboration Network
  • Faith Based organisations 
  • Community Associations
  • Regional Bodies
  • Union Organisations
  • Schools & Universities
  • Facebook & Twitter Groups
  • Sports Engagement
  • Social Groups
  • Company Intranets
  • Local Authorities
  • Bands & Music Fan Clubs
  • Industry Institutions
  • Charities & Not for Profits
  • TV Stations
  • Fringe Sports Clubs
  • Activist Groups

Basically, if you have access to people who have a common interest and wish to interact with other people who share that interest, then we have the solution for you.