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Social Engagement Platform Features

2. Features

fiofro permission based

Your own Social Platform branded as your organisation

Your own Social Platform, fully branded as your organisation, generating you revenues. Your Logos, your images and your colours, You own all of your data and your business, all payments go directly to you on your own dedicated URL.

fiofro multi member

Generating you revenues for life

All revenues go directly to your organisation, via your own payment gateways. We provide the ability to generate multiple lifetime revenue streams for your organisation, revenues that you own for life.

fiofro multi member

Multiple membership levels & access control

Create multiple membership levels to increase revenue generation. You could choose to have a free restricted access level membership to try your social network, then upgrade to a paid less restricted level, then upgrade to a paid all access membership level.

fiofro member mangement

Automated Membership Management

Integrated membership subscription systems linked directly to your payment gateway that manages all subscriptions, payments, activations, invoicing, member management, access control and renewals, leaving you free to concentrate on your business and revenues.

fiofro peer to peer

Permission based, peer to peer networking

Full state of the art, permission based social networking in a private and secure environment where you have control over who you connect with. Simply make a connection request or accept or decline people who want to connect with you based upon their profile information.

fiofro live chat

Member to member live chat

Your platform will come with a fully integrated live chat system, this enables connected members to connect with each other and open a live text chat sessions. The live chat feature also allows a number of connected members to chat live any one time.

fiofro profile create

Automatic profile creation and management

When a new member registers, the system automatically builds their profile, this profile is fully editable, members can change their avatars, change their details, change their cover images, upload profile videos and promote themselves across the network.

fiofro groups

Public and Private Groups

Members can create and join groups; this is like a network within the network where members can create their own common interest groups. This allows for group avatars, group covers, group discussions, group events and the ability to contact all members at once.

fiofro video uploads

Video Uploads and Links

Your members will be able to upload videos directly onto the network or display videos from You Tube, Yahoo Video, My Space Video, Flickr, Vimeo, Blip.tv, Daily Motion, Live Leak or Viddler with the click of a single button. Members can even create and upload their own profile videos.

fiofro photo uploads

Photo uploads and albums

Members will be able to create photo albums and upload images directly to share with other members, all photos and videos can be Geo Tagged and made searchable to other members or kept private, again the amount of photos you allow is entirely up to you and your members.

fiofro events

Events, event management and ticketing

Members will be able to create events, send invites, contact all attendees, add event avatars and cover images as well as be able to create tickets. The ticketing system allows for free or paid events where tickets can be sold to other members and you receive booking fees.

fiofro pricavy

Member privacy management

Your members can edit their privacy setting. This enables you members to decide what they wish to be public, members only, friends only or private. Privacy settings can be set on any of the areas within the network allowing members to manage their privacy.

fiofro search

Advanced member search facilities

Your platform will have a state of the art, advanced member search facility, enabling searches to be carried out on over 14 unique sets of search criteria and against almost every part of the members profile information. This provides an unparalleled member to member match.

fiofro invite

Member invitation system

Members can invite other members and help grow your community, your platform will come with a full member invite system. Members can invite their friends or colleagues to join your network. When the person joins they are automatically connected to the inviting member.

fiofro communication

Member communication and notifications

Members can chat and post messages with people they are connected to and the system also automatically posts any change notification to the connected members via email and internal notification, this creates a more active network as the members log back in to look.

fiofro share

Content sharing systems

Any content that your members add can be shared on over 293 other social platforms, through our integrated content sharing system. You post a video and share it on facebook for example. This is an automatic process that shares that content and links it back directly to your platform.

fiofro marketplace

Optional Market Place system

Once you have a number of members you can request the addition of your own marketplace, this is like a branded E-bay for your network where members can add products for sale and other members can buy those products directly from the promoting member.

fiofro documents

Optional Document Management systems

If you have internal information that you would like members to be able to access based upon their subscription level then we have a state of the art document management and display system that is fully integrated with our platforms.

fiofro classifieds

Optional Classified Ads or Exchange system

You can at any time request the addition of your own integrated Classified Ads system where you users can place their own adverts within a set area within the network, these ads can be charged for by category, by day, by month or by the amount of images they can upload.

fiofro admin

Full WYSIWYG Administration system

We have worked very hard to ensure that your platform is easy and simple to administrate, whilst providing all of the stats and information you could ever want, including the ability to email all of your members in one go. This is truly our crowning achievement.