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About FIOFRO Limited

FIOFRO Limited is a forward thinking, innovative company which was formed to consolidate a number of international brands and services into one centralised corporate identity and to help clients take control of their social assets through the provision of Branded Social Networks, Online Advice Platforms, Business Networks and Hybrid Social Platforms.

As a part of our startegic growth plan, we have managed to consolidate our business into 4 main channel services, these being; Branded Social Networks, City Business Links, Hybrid Social Platforms and Online Advice Platforms.

FIOFRO work with and supply organisations of all types and sizes, expanding the boundaries of trade for many of our clients and partner organisations through the provision of an exciting range of dedicated, tailored platforms and services that deliver integrated business growth opportunities for our clients and our International Licensed Distributor Channels and their clients.

FIOFRO work within a number of market sectors including; Sports and Sport Brands, Local Authority and Public Sector Service Provision, Community Development and Outreach Services, Web Development, E-Commerce and Marketing, Business Consultancy Services and International Development to name but a few.

FIOFRO Limited consists of 5 very unique and distinctive divisions and a strategic business advisory board that consists of both executive and non executive advisors from a number of different countries, backgrounds and market experience, This board reports exclusively to the group chairman and CEO who, after due consideration and investigation make all of the strategic, operational and corporate decisions for FIOFRO Limited.

Upon the completion of the business acquisitions and corporate restructuring, it was decided that the limited company should act as the sole operational centre for all activities world-wide. As this operational body, FIOFRO is responsible for the day to day operations, Licensed Distributor relations, contracts, agreements, company policies, mergers, acquisitions, purchasing, account control, resource planning and developing the strategic direction of the company as a whole.

FIOFRO Limited operations division have a very focused role and operate diligently for the greater good of the business, our clients and our shareholders in general. we exist to ensure the delivery of an honest and openly managed service, where clarity and integrity are the norm rather than the exception.

our objectives

Key Global Objectives:
The main objective of FIOFRO is to continue our growth patterns whilst maintaining the delivery of world-class services and solutions to business communities, licensed distributors and clients world-wide.
International Objectives:
To grow and develop our international portfolio by 6%, providing solutions into additional established and new emerging economies, delivering aligned strategic growth based on local knowledge-share and discovery.
Divisional Objectives:
To increase market penetration and growth by 8% annually through the further development of our licensed distribution channels, vertical market analysis and constant development of our service range to meet and exceed market expectations, Increase R&D services in response to new discovered opportunities and market potentials.
Licensed Distribution Objectives:
To increase the level of training throughout our current licensed distributor channels whilst aggressively increasing channel size and productivity by over 4% annually by accessing new and emerging markets, partnership programme promotion, acquisitions, mergers and proactive market management.
Internal Business Objectives:
To continue the joined up thinking initiative throughout all divisions and role this initiative out across our entire licensed distributor channel world-wide to deliver a more cohesive, centralised business; delivering increased operational efficiencies allied to an organisational ownership strategy.
External Business Objectives:
To continue monitor market influencers with a view to market penetration through acquisition and partnership development and to increase our holdings in external facilities by 4% annually for the next 5 years. This will help to diversify our holdings and our exposure in new and emerging market sectors.
Architectural Objectives:
To increase current IT-IS capacity by 23% in response to our growth objectives and strategies, to increase our service management capabilities through aggressive negotiated growth and support, whilst maintaining reliability levels as laid out in our SLA commitments.
R & D Development Objectives:
To continue development of innovative additions for platform development, providing more vertical market opportunities for our clients and International Distributor Channels, to help increase revenue generating opportunities by 7% across our entire platform offerings.
Marketplace Objectives:
To continue to refine our message and to simplify our approach to make it easier for the Marketplace to understand and accept our proposition and our services. To continually improve our marketing materials to deliver a clear and concise unified message that offers exactly what we do and how we help business to increase their revenues and consolidate their members and asset base.
Business Management Objectives:
To explore aggressive growth options through potential market acquisitions or mergers whilst planning for 20% natural strategic growth patterns from channel increases and vertical targeting. Explore the development of partnership Channels in other countries relating to programme development, Technology diversification and investment.