City Business Links Overview

A City Business Links License from FIOFRO is basically a ready made, managed business thet delivers a state of the art business network in any city in the world.

A City Business Links license is probibly one of the most exciting opportunites on the market today and delivers a proven business model without any capital outlay or the need for any technical knowledge or experience, this is a simple business madel delivering business networking and support into your city.

You dont need any technical skills as our experts manage the entire system for you.

Why not watch the overview video to see how a City Business Links license works for you?

Solution Discovery

FIOFRO Limited originally owned and operated a single European business network. As a part of our business growth plane we commissioned a European research paper into the future business networking habbits of businesses across Europe to guage the interest in a single European business network.

The research showed that in most cities only 25-35% of businesses had an active interest in trading across the whole of the EU. This also lead to a surprising outcome that almost 60% of businesses felt that they would benefit more from a more local, targeted solution. In fact, many those businesses had a passion for building their business on a very local level.

Using the information obtained from this research, we have taken the initiative and invested heavily in the development and creation of the City Business Links programme.

What is City Business Links


Putting it simply, a city Business Links Platform is a state of the art, permission based, peer to peer, online business networking and support system, that is dedicated to helping businesses to grow and prosper within a specific city.

A City Business Links Platform delivers a very city focused business community where businesses can connect, communicate and support one another in a secure environment that is dedicated to doing more business.

The City Business Links Platforms have been designed by business people for business people to deliver the ultimate city-based business service.

Unlike many other networks, we are not about building national or international networks with millions of voices all shouting at the same time trying to be heard, where nobody really knows who they are dealing with or the relevance a person really has to the other person’s business.

We deliver local, focused business communities, where businesses can connect, communicate and build relationships with people that they get to know and trust in a local business environment that is dedicated to doing more business in a specific city.

A place where our members message is relevant to other members and where making new contacts and doing business becomes a pleasure rather than a chore.

We do provide international networking facilities, but these are not a part of the City Business Links offering.

A City Business Links Platform is much more than a simple online business network, it is a complete, local online business support and development system that is dedicated to helping people connect, communicate, promote and do more business with one another in their city.

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Take a look at City Business Links and what it has to offer business owners in your city by clicking on the link below.

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How does it work

We provide everything you need.
The Brand, the platform, the systems, the special offers, the business document centres and the revenue generation systems.

We take care of everything for you.
The hosting, the security, the updates, the subscription systems and payment gateways, the member management and all of the technology and costs.

You take care of the marketing and promotion
You have the exclusive rights to be City Business Links in your city, simply promote the platform, grow the memberships and get paid. It's that simple.

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