City Business Links Opportunity

FIOFRO and the City Business Links partners programme offers one of the most exciting rewards packages in the market today.

There is no capital outlay, no hidden costs or fees, no franchise costs and FIOFRO Limited cover 100% of the delivery and provision costs for every city.

We are currently looking for city sales and marketing people who want to generate guaranteed lifetime incomes from the sales and marketing of membership to City Business Links in either an existing city or in a new city anywhere in the world.

One of the really exciting things about this opportunity is that, unlike most opportunities we have a lifetime commission structure which means you get paid on all memberships and paid again on every renewal for life.

We offer an amazing remuneration package which equates to just under 60% of the profits from all inital membership packages. All commissions and payment cycles are outlined and protected in our City Partner contract, simply contact us about getting a copy of our contract for your review.

The only people who can promote City Business Links are approved City Business Links marketing partners, using their exclusive City Business Links dicount codes.

So, putting it simply, we will provide you with an exclusive type of franchise at no cost, you take care of the sales and marketing and maintain your targets in that city and we will supply, manage and take care of everything else.

You do not need any technical knowledge you just need to sell a product designed to grow business in front of businesses who want to grow. It’s that simple.

The development of this platform has taken over 8 years, a lot of investment and is now completed, tested and ready to trade in any cities around the world and currently come in manually translated English, Dutch or German language versions with French and Spanish to follow.

Core Benefits

fiofro permission based

A sate of the art, proven business network

City Business Links runs on a Branded Spocial Network platform delivering the latest permission based networking technology to our members, it is a safe and secure business networking environment designed to help businesses connect, communicate and grow within their chosen city.

fiofro multi member

Zero Capital outlay opportunity

We do not charge our partners for this opportunity, in fact just the opposite, we work to help our partners generate lifetime revenues. We host, manage and maintain the entire service and take care of all the technical areas, leaving you free to grow your market and your revnue streams.

fiofro multi member

A fully tested solution

City Business Links already trades in a  number of cities and a number of countries and is already number one within the search engines. We already have over 20 cities live and growing with an average city member base of around 1,000 members.

fiofro member mangement

No technical knowledge required

You do not need to have any technical experience, we take care of all the technology and management, you simply need to promote and sell the features and benefits provided by City Business Links.

fiofro peer to peer

A contracted opportunity

All sales and marketing partners have a full contract showing commission rates, confirmation of lifetime commissions and outlining what can and con not be sold, this provides full protection for you, the members you bring to the network and us.

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Lifetime Revenues

This is a lifetime revenue opportunity, we don't just pay on the sale, we pay for all upgrades and renewals for life, this means that so long as your sale remains a member of City Business Links, you get paid, for life.

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Fully transparent

Our technology systems are set to ensure full transparency, your unique partner code follows every member for life and you get a full report each month of how many registration or renewals are allocated against your unique code and what this means financially.

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A simple sales solution

You do not need a spacialist database or route to market, you will be selling to business owners who want to connect with other business owners and grow their business, let alone all of the other benefits being a member of City Business Links can bring their organisation.