FIOFRO - Delivering Branded Social Networks & Online Advice Platforms

FIOFRO Limited is a social software provisioning house based in the UK. FIOFRO specialise in delivering high quality, fully branded, social platforms, that deliver a ready made, revenue generating, branded business opportunity in a box. As a business FIOFRO are focused on 4 main areas of delivery, these are;

Branded Social Networks

A Branded Social Network from FIOFRO is a state of the art, online social network that is fully branded as your organisation, where all revenues go directly to you and where you exclusively own all of your users data. These platforms are also known as Private Social Platforms, Fan Engagement Platforms, Social Software, Social Platforms and Community Engagement Platforms.

Online Advice Platforms

An online Advice Platform from FIOFRO delivers a ready made, fully branded, advice platform that generates you revenues from what you know. More than just a live questions and answers platform, our Online Advice Platforms deliver: document management, video support, online consultations rooms, common FAQs and event management.

Hybrid Social Platforms

A Hybrid Social Platform from FIOFRO is a combination of our Branded Social Networks and our Online Advice Platforms seamlessly integrated together to provide the ultimate in online community development and growth. The Hybrid Social Platform is fully branded as your organisation, you exclusively own all of your content, your user data and all revenue streams, our experts build, host and manage the technology for you. It really is that simple.

City Business Links

The City Business Links, city partner programme from FIOFRO is an amazing business opportunity for you to take over a ready made, fully branded, state of the art business network in your city, FIOFRO run the entire platform and manage all of the processes, you simply market your business network in your city and share in the revenues.

With over 70% of the world now using some form of social media to connect and communicate with one another, we see this as an ideal time for forward thinking people and organisations to begin building their own Branded Social Network, Online Advice Platform, Hybrid Social Platform, City Business Network or becoming a FIOFRO Platforms Distributor.