Getting to know FIOFRO

FIOFRO Limited is a forward thinking, innovative company which was formed to consolidate a number of international brands and services into one centralised corporate identity and to help clients take control of their social assets through the provision of Branded Social Networks, Online Advice Platforms, Business Networks and Hybrid Social Platforms.

As a part of our startegic growth plan, we have managed to consolidate our business into 4 main channel services, these being; Branded Social Networks, City Business Links, Hybrid Social Platforms and Online Advice Platforms.

FIOFRO work with and supply organisations of all types and sizes, expanding the boundaries of trade for many of our clients and partner organisations through the provision of an exciting range of dedicated, tailored platforms and services that deliver integrated business growth opportunities for our clients and our International Licensed Distributor Channels and their clients.

FIOFRO work within a number of market sectors including; Sports and Sport Brands, Local Authority and Public Sector Service Provision, Community Development and Outreach Services, Web Development, E-Commerce and Marketing, Business Consultancy Services and International Development to name but a few.

Why not contact one of our offices and find out more about how we can help.

  • FIOFRO Distributor Overview

    A FIOFRO Limited Licensed Distributor is an individual or company who has been licensed under contract to promote and provide our services under their own brand.

    Licensed Distributors are people who wish to develop and grow their own business through the generation of long term revenue streams delivering an on going business proposition under their own name or company name as their own business.

    Our model is not just about building our business, it is about providing facilities where both Licensed Distributors and their clients, build and focus on their own business growth and we simply share in the success for providing all of the platforms, infrastructure, products, facilities and services without any capital outlay for the distributor or in many cases their clients.

    In effect the Licensed Distributor is our partner and our client. In many cases, we never even deal direct with any clients and we do not promote our services as FIOFRO directly in to the market place, our distributors in these cases are an integral part of our business. We provide the services exclusively for our distributors, on their behalf and they order the services from us on the behalf of their clients.

    This is not an MLM programme, it is not Network Marketing, it is not a Franchise, it is a real business opportunity where you develop your own business under your own brand and generate real revenues, selling our products and services as shown on this website. It's that simple.

    Putting it simply, FIOFRO Limited is an international software provisioning house, we take care of the service provision, development, hosting, technical areas, branding and delivery of service. Our International Distributors take care of all customer engagement and customer service at a local level whilst our clients simply run their business using our systems.

    Could you be a Distributor ?


    Are you looking to build or grow an amazing business ?

    As a FIOFRO Distributor, you actually grow your business as well as ours, your clients remain your clients for life and your revenues remain your revenues for life. We have a set sales and marketing process and full training support to help you make the most out of your FIOFRO Distributor oppoertunity.


    Are you looking for a business opportunity that has a zero capital outlay ?

    Most companies offering the type of opportunity we are offering would try to sell you a franchise, we would rather you use your resources to grow your business, rather than pay us an hiuge signup fee, so we do not charge you for becoming a FIOFRO Distributor. Your success is our success.


    Do you want to benefit financially for the entire lifetime of your client ?

    You own and manage your clients, unless you choose for them to be managed, this means that your clienmts are yours for life and your revenues are yours for the entire lifetime of your client. It's that simple.


    Do you want to help your client generate revenues for their own business ?

    Our services are designed to help your clients grow their business and increase their revenue streams, this means that clients tend to remain clients for a very long time as our services become an integral part of their business. Contact us to find out more?


    Are you interested in real unlimited earning potential ?

    Putting it simply, we DO NOT cap your earning potential, where you eran it or the amount of time in which you earn it, we are a software provisioning company, so we provide the softwarte and all of the support and you exclusively manage your clients.


    Can you sell a technology product that benefits your client and generates them revenues ?

    You do not need to have any technical expertise as our team takes care of everything, but you do need to be able to show a client how our technology can benefit their business and help them grow additional re=venues streams for their business. We will provide you with full training to help you with this.


    Can you see the opportunity our platforms present to clients ?

    For your clients to see the opportunites our platforms bring to their organisation, it is important that you first see and identify the opportunies for them. We can train you how to do this but it is all about matching features to needs within your clients business.


    Can you manage and support your clients ?

    Whilst we do provide a facility for people to become simple introducers and we manage everything from that point onwards, a FIOFRO Distributor needs to be able to manage and build a relationship with their clients in the deliver of long term mutually beneficial solutions to their organisation.

    If you answered YES to any of these questions then becoming a FIOFRO Licensed Distributor is the right opportunity for you.

    Why not contact FIOFRO today to find out more information?

  • African Office

    FIOFRO Africa - PO Box 50661-00100 - Nairobi - Kenya - Africa.

  • Architecture Services


    IT - IS Services Department

    The Architecture Services Dapartment of FIOFRO is responsible for running all of our server architecture, load management and hosting solutions, this is the department that keeps everything ticking and alive and report exclusively to the board of FIOFRO Limited. We work hard we complete tasks and we keep the lights on.
  • Belgian Office

    FIOFRO Belgium - Bataviastraat 11 - b34 - 2000 - Antwerpen - Belgium.

  • City Business Links

    FIOFRO Categroty for City Business Links Partners

  • Distributor Services


    Distributor Services Department

    The Distributor Services department is responsible for the management and support of FIOFRO International Distributor Channels. This includes Support, Training, Issue Resolution, Platform Requests, Updates, Delivery Schedules and any additions world-wide.
    We are here to support our licensed distrbutors
  • Fan Engagement Platforms

    FIOFRO Categroty for Sports Engagement Platforms
  • Finance


    Billing & Finance Department

    As the name would suggest the FIOFRO Billing & Finance department is responsible for all billing and finance related matters within the company on a world-wide basis and are responsible for credit control, invoicing, payments and purchases including all Day to Day finances.
  • FIOFRO - Branded Social Networks - online Advice Centres

    FIOFRO Limited is a social software provisioning house based in the UK. FIOFRO specialise in delivering high quality, fully branded, social platforms, that deliver a ready made, revenue generating, branded business opportunity in a box. As a business FIOFRO are focused on 4 main areas of delivery

  • FIOFRO Branding Policy

    FIOFRO Branding Policy

    This policy governs the use of all FIOFRO and associated companies Trademarks and Brands for any purpose.

    FIOFRO Trademarks may be used only as permitted by this policy. The following applies to all uses of FIOFRO businesses and Trademarks:

    • The Word mark is required on all official internal and external communications (excluding e-mail).

    • All International and Domestic Partner Web sites must Display an official FIOFRO Logo as provided.

    • In all matters of Official FIOFRO Business, the company Colours of maroon and Silver and/or Branded Elements (available on the Photo Library in the partners area) are required and must appear prominently.

    • Use of FIOFRO Trademarks in printed and electronic materials must conform to the brand requirements available in the partners area.

    • No FIOFRO Trademark may be altered in any way that has not been approved in writing by FIOFRO Limited.

    FIOFRO approved partner Seal.
    The FIOFRO Seal is reserved for use on official documents bearing the signature of a member or officer of the Board; the president or a vice president, on official awards; or in connection with events involving the president, a vice president. The Seal may be used only as authorised in relation to contracts and international awards.

    FIOFRO Brand
    FIOFRO, Danusgroup International, Danusnet, Social Engagement Platforms, Private Social Platforms, Websites and Marketing, Best for Business, Sport Engagement Platforms, Community Engagement Platforms, ETS - Education Through Sports, European Business Network, Welsh Business Links, Connecting Disability, Young Bankers Association, Network Israel, MCFA Connect, Grass Roots Connect and United Military Network are official brands of FIOFRO. All International Partners are expected to use the brand identity that relates to their contract and license whilst still adhering to the group brand requirements above.

    Use of FIOFRO Brands, Trademarks and Logos

    • By Approved International Partners and Domestic Licensed Partners

    • All Licensed parties are required to use the Wordmark and Logo, in connection with all Business and may do so as approved in the signed license agreement.


    No individual, Unlicensed Business or employee may use any FIOFRO Logos, Brand or Trademark, or the official Web template, or refer to his or her affiliation with FIOFRO, in any manner that suggests or implies FIOFRO support or endorsement of a point of view or personal or political opinion, business, activity, movement, or program that is not Official FIOFRO Business or without written agreement under any instance. If there is potential for confusion in a statement describing affiliation with FIOFRO, one should dispel confusion through the use of a disclaimer stating that FIOFRO is not involved in the business, activity, movement, or programme.

    By Associated Organisations

    Foundations and other associated organisations that have entered into Memoranda of Understanding with FIOFRO, as defined in the policies of the Board, may use the FIOFRO Logo as provided in such memoranda. All use must be in connection with their FIOFRO related activities and must comply with all policies and procedures of FIOFRO.

    Prohibited Uses of FIOFRO Brands, Logos and Trademarks

    No Endorsements.

    Neither the name of FIOFRO, our Brands nor any Of its partners Trademarks, including the company Colours, may be used in any way that gives a false impression, is misleading, or could cause confusion regarding FIOFRO's relationship with any person or entity. Specifically, neither the name of FIOFRO nor any Partners Trademark may be used to characterise FIOFRO as a user of a product or service, or as having conducted research relating to a commercial product or programme, or in any other way to convey or imply the endorsement of a commercial product or service.

    General Prohibition.

    Neither the name of FIOFRO, any of our brands nor any Partners Trademark may be used in connection with any person, entity, product, or service with which the association could adversely affect FIOFRO's image or standing or that would for any other reason be inappropriate for an International company.


    If a violation of this policy is identified, you will be required to work with our Legal Department to determine the action needed, which may include redesign and reprinting of materials, license removal, financial easing. With respect to all violations of this policy, FIOFRO Limited reserves its right to seek appropriate remedies under applicable International and Local law.

  • Fiofro Company Information

    Find the latest information about Fiofro Limited

  • FIOFRO Copyright Policy

    FIOFRO Copyright Policy

    FIOFRO Limited believes in respecting and protecting the rights of intellectual property owners. This is not only a question of ethics, but also of law. Advances in electronic communication and technology, such as the Internet, have had a dramatic impact on the way FIOFRO and its associated businesses conducts business, and have greatly facilitated our access to a wide range of information and media. As a result, the risk of copyright infringement, either intentional or accidental, is of increasing concern.

    The goal of this policy is to inform the users of our services on rules and procedures relating to copyright law compliance.

    Referenced Copyright Laws

    Copyright Act (Title 17 of the US Code) – Authorized in Article I of the US Constitution, which states that Congress is allowed to pass legislation “to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts by security for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.”

    Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 – This law provides recourse for owners of copyrighted materials who believe their rights have been infringed on the Internet.

    • FIOFRO Limited reserves the right to monitor end user systems and the content stored therein. FIOFRO also reserves the right to remove, delete, modify, or otherwise disable access to any materials found to be infringing on copyright.

    • By reading this policy, an user of any FIOFRO services will indemnify and hold FIOFRO Limited harmless for any breach of this policy or copyright law.

    • No user of FIOFRO services or visitors to any of our websites may reproduce any copyrighted or other work in violation of the law. Works are protected by US copyright law even if they were not produced in this country.

    • Copyrighted materials in the US are not required by law to be registered, unlike patents and trademarks, and may not be required to carry the copyright symbol (©). Therefore, a copyrighted work may not be immediately recognizable. Assume material is copyrighted until proven otherwise.

    • If a work is copyrighted, you must seek out and receive express written permission of the copyright holder to reproduce the copyrighted work in order to avoid violation.

    • Copyrighted works include, but are not limited to: text (e.g. articles), images (e.g. photographs), graphics (e.g. logos), sound recordings (e.g. MP3s), video recordings (e.g. movies), or software programs.

    • User of our systems, our legal team, Internet Service Providers and Employees at FIOFRO are encouraged to monitor and report all instances and all breaches of actual or suspected copyright infringement to FIOFRO’s copyright agent.

    All rights are reserved and no part of FIOFRO.COM or any other associated websites under the FIOFRO umbrella of business may be copied, stored, reproduced, transmitted in any forms or by any means, without the written permission of FIOFRO Limited.

    In compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA), FIOFRO will respond to all appropriate notices of copyright infringement. FIOFRO may, under appropriate circumstances, remove and/or disable access to material claimed to be infringing upon the intellectual property rights of ourselves or others and will initiate legal action where possible to protect our services without exception.

  • FIOFRO Create City Business Links


    FIOFRO Creates City Business Links

    FIOFRO Limited are proud to announce the development and completion of their flagship business support service, City Business Links. This new development was created in response to a resaerch paper showing that over 60% of businesses wanted to connect with one another on a local basis.
  • Fiofro Departments

    Take a look at some of the FIOFRO Limited business departments.

  • FIOFRO Distributor Benefits

    Becoming a FIOFRO Limited Distributor could not be more simple.

    Contact the office that is closest to you by clicking on one of the offices below. one of our agents will come right back to you to answer any questions you may have and to arrange a time to go through our one page form with you. It's that simple.

    Becoming a FIOFRO Limited Distributor could not be more simple.

    Contact the office that is closest to you by clicking on one of the offices below. one of our agents will come right back to you to answer any questions you may have and to arrange a time to go through our one page form with you. It's that simple.

    We will work closely with you through the entire process providing assistance every step of the way.

    Our success is directly affected by your success, so we will do everything we can to help ensure you have everything you need to build a successful connected business.

    Our experts will take you through the process and organis any training and support that you may needs.
    We will work closely with you through the entire process providing assistance every step of the way.

    Our success is directly affected by your success, so we will do everything we can to help ensure you have everything you need to build a successful connected business.

    Our experts will take you through the process and organis any training and support that you may needs.







    How do you Benefit


    Unlimited Earning Potential

    Your income will grow as big as your clients grow, your income is based upon your clients growth times the number of clients you have, for life. So the more they make and the bigger they grow the more you earn. There is no upper cap.


    A Lifetime Income

    Your clients remain your clients for life and so does the income they create for you. You manage your clients directly, they do not even need to know we exist. in some cases you are paid directly by your clients, you control your payment terms.

    your business

    Your Own Business & Brand

    You are in full control of your business, your brand, your revenues, your growth and your approach. You are simply building your business providing our services at no cost to your business. You own your business and your clients.

    no capital outlay

    Zero Capital Outlay

    We are not a franchise. We work in partnerships where we all benefit. You benefit from our services, the client benefits from the systems and we all benefit from the clients growth. No stock to purchase, no provisioning costs, just transparent business.

    no technical knowledge

    No Technical Experience Needed

    We take care of everything technical and at our expense, we take care of all hosting, branding, development, support and platform management. You do not have any operational costs at all, leaving you free to focus on building your business.

    market restrictions

    No Market Restrictions

    We do not restrict your markets, go where you want, sell to who you want, when ever you want. So long as the platform is commercially viable, you can sell to any marketplace in the world. (Excluding City Business Links).

    client types

    Supports All Client Types

    Our platforms have been designed to be flexible and adaptive, they can adapt to meet and exceed the requirements of almost any market sector and in the odd occasion when it does not we can tailor our systems to meet any needs.

    sub distributors

    Sub Distributor Opportunities

    As a FIOFRO Licensed Distributor, you have the ability and facilities to recruit and manage your own sub distributors within your own business. Any sub distributors are solely contracted to you and have no relationship with FIOFRO Limited.

    win win opportunitys

    A Win Win Win Proposition

    We believe in win win win opportunities, Your client wins as they now have a £1million platform with no capital outlay, You win because you are now generating an ongoing revenue stream for life and we win as we share in the success.

  • FIOFRO Distributor contacts

    This is the FIOFRO category for Distributor conatct forms.

  • Fiofro Distributors

    The latest information about becoming a Fiofro Limited International Licensed Distributor.

  • FIOFRO Hosting

    This is the FIOFRO category, explaining the dedicated hosting services.

  • FIOFRO Hosting Solutions

    FIOFRO Limited owns and operates our own hosting architectures in partnership with some of the world's largest data centres.

    We provide exclusive hosting architecture management for our International Distributors and their clients. We have a number of server locations in a number of countries to ensure the delivery of services across 34 countries.

    We specialise in fast transactional architecture based in some of the most secure location in the world, all of our architecture sits behind high-grade industrial firewall technology meaning your site your systems and your data are always secure.

    In order to ensure the integrity of our server architecture and our clients, we do not provide hosting services to email companies, web developers, programmers or ecommerce companies. We provide an exclusive, private, managed hosting facility for FIOFRO Limited clients only.

    So why host your services with FIOFRO Limited;

    • We only provide managed services; just give us a call if you have any issues.
    • Dedicated server hardware means high performance, creating a better experience for you and your visitors.
    • Secure data centre with onsite hardware support, which ensures maximum uptime for our servers.
    • We operate automated features such as backups, restores and installs.
    • 500 Mbps internet connection and a rock solid network infrastructure.
    • We use the very latest HP hardware to ensure you get the performance and reliability your business needs.
    • UK-based support - giving you peace of mind as the internet never sleeps.
    • Simply point your domain to our dedicated name servers and we will take care of everything else.

    The main purpose of our server architecture is for the provision of service delivery through any one of our exciting product platforms and services, we do not provide hosting services for people wishing to host a website that they have built, to help ensure the security and integrity of our servers and our clients, we only actually host websites and services that we have built for our clients.

    If you would like further details about how we would host your new service or website, please feel free to contact us.

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