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About FIOFRO Limited

FIOFRO Limited is a forward thinking, innovative company which was formed to consolidate a number of international brands and services into one centralised corporate identity. Today, FIOFRO is an international trading entity that exclusively owns, operates and provides a number of strategic business services< IP's and platforms on a world-wide basis.
As a part of our startegic growth plan, we have managed to consolidate our business into 4 main channel services, these being; Branded Social Networks, City Business Links, Hybrid Social Platforms and Online Advice Platforms.
Please take the time to view our company overview video to learn more about our company.
FIOFRO work with and supply organisations of all types and sizes, expanding the boundaries of trade for many of our clients and partner organisations through the provision of an exciting range of dedicated, tailored platforms and services that deliver integrated business growth opportunities for our clients and our International Licensed Distributor Channels and their clients.
FIOFRO work within a number of market sectors including; Sports and Sport Brands, Local Authority and Public Sector Service Provision, Community Development and Outreach Services, Web Development, E-Commerce and Marketing, Business Consultancy Services and International Development to name but a few.
FIOFRO Limited consists of 5 very unique and distinctive divisions and a strategic business advisory board that consists of both executive and non executive advisors from a number of different countries, backgrounds and market experience, This board reports exclusively to the group chairman and CEO who, after due consideration and investigation make all of the strategic, operational and corporate decisions for FIOFRO Limited.
Upon the completion of the business acquisitions and corporate restructuring, it was decided that the limited company should act as the sole operational centre for all activities world-wide. As this operational body, FIOFRO is responsible for the day to day operations, Licensed Distributor relations, contracts, agreements, company policies, mergers, acquisitions, purchasing, account control, resource planning and developing the strategic direction of the company as a whole.
FIOFRO Limited operations division have a very focused role and operate diligently for the greater good of the business, our clients and our shareholders in general. we exist to ensure the delivery of an honest and openly managed service, where clarity and integrity are the rule and not the exception.

FIOFRO Departments

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Central Operations :
This Department is responsible for;
  • Fiofro Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Licensed Distributor Strategies
  • Strategic Business Management
  • Policy Creation & Implementation
  • Contracts & Legal Services
  • Financial Development
  • Strategic Business Direction

Distributor Services:
This Department is responsible for;
  • Distributor Channel Managementt
  • Distributor Support
  • Training and Development
  • Issue Resolution & Requests
  • Delivery Schedules
  • Sales Support
  • Customer Services

R&D Development:
This Department is responsible for;
  • Platform Development
  • Platform Addon Creation
  • Product Developemnt
  • Platform Build & Delivery
  • Platform Testing
  • Customisation Coding

Billing & Finance:
This Department is responsible for;
  • Credit Control
  • Invoicing & Billing
  • Purchasing
  • International Payments

IT-IS Services:
This Department is responsible for;
  • Systems Management
  • Dedicated Hosting systems
  • Server Architecture
  • Resource Planning
  • Migrations & Installation

UI Graphic Design:
This Department is responsible for;
  • Interface Development
  • Graphics Creation
  • Marketing Material
  • Support Materials