FIOFRO Mergers & Acquisitions

FIOFRO Mergers and Acquisitions

FIOFRO Limited own a number of shares in a number of companies around the world, a part of our corporate mantra is to diversify and expand both our knowledge and reach into new and emerging areas of business, developing group strength through diversification and acquisition.

FIOFRO Limited also own and operate a wide range of exclusive technology rights on a world-wide basis, delivering mission and business critical services that form a global asset base that is the exclusive property of the company.

We focus on negotiating with companies where we bring a valid and needed component that adds to the success and development of both parties, this can often be through the direct purchase of share options, partnership programmes, complete acquisition, component share acquisition, merged market share, technology development or a staged mixture of all six.

The objective of our mergers and acquisitions team is the development of our diversification strategy and asset base whilst delivering a well rounded corporate structure delivering business beneficial relationships for the company, the shareholders, the stakeholders and partnered organisations.

FIOFRO Limited often invests in the research and development of new and emerging technologies to fill identified strategic gaps in the market place.

Whrever possible we try to integrate these new technologies into our existing services and platforms to deliver more cohesive solutions for our clients and distributors.

FIOFRO Limited have a strong focus on growth through acquisition and partnership strategies to develop a wide and varied portfolio of business services focused first and foremost on delivering world-class services and commercial profitability for all involved parties.

FIOFRO work on the base principles of commercial communism, that if a solution, partnership or merger does not work for everyone then it simply does not work.


Strategic Growth


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Investment Opportunities


FIOFRO Limited and our programmes are currently fully subscribed.

Due to demand we have created an investment form for potential subscribers to be placed on a priority list for when investment opportunities with FIOFRO Limited become available.

Please feel free to fill in the form and we will be sure to make contact with a full prospectus as opportunities become available.

Any information provided will be kept in the strictest confidence and you will only receive a targeted portfolio as and when they become available.