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FIOFRO Contact Guide


We have developed our forms with you in mind, We want to contact you at the best time for you, to this end we ask that you select the method, date and time that works best for you and one of our specialist will make come back to you using this method, date and time.

Our Form Explained:

Business Name
If you are a company simply add your business name, if not simply add the name you trade under.

Your Name
To us, business is about people, so we would like to address any contact personally.

Contact Number & Email
We need this information so nour specialists can contact you.

Local Office or Country
Select your local office from the list, if not listed type in your country.

Main Interest & Target Market
Let us know what you want to contact us about and your target market so that we can assign the right sepcialist to meet your needs.

Additional Info
Let us know anything you wiosh to discuss, so we can assign the right specialist for you.

Preferred Method
Select how you wisht to be contacted, we can also create a secure online consultation room for you.

Date & Time
Let us know the best time and date to make contact with you.

Let us know you are not a robot and add the numbers you see into the box provided.

Special Offer Providers


We are currently looking for businesses who can offer business beneficial products or services to our members through an online environment, either through a link to a specific web page or physical voucher.

This can be in the form of savings, special offers or exclusive discounts on your business beneficial services or products.

You must be the supplier of the offer and demonstrate your ability to provide and deliver such offers to our members.

All we ask is that your offers are beneficial to our members and attractive to potential business owners considering joining City Business Links.

We understand that different products and services have many different profit margin points and to this end we are very flexible in our approach to sales commission rates.

You will find an area on the Offers Partner Application form where you can outline any sales commissions that are available and any terms and conditions you may have.

Whilst sales commissions are important to our business, our main focus is on the benefit that the proposed offer provides to our members and or their businesses. This is always the most important factor in our due diligence process.

Internal Quote Guide


When you fill in the form to generate a quote your potential client will immediately get an email confirming the information that they have provided to you and thanking them for the opoortunity to quote for their business, this is an automated email, sent using your sales ID that takes all of the details you enter and compiles it into a nicely phrased email for their review.

Our Form Explained:

Sales ID
This is your name.

Put the country of the client.

Company Name
The name of the potential clients company.

Contact Name
This is the contact name of the client.

Contact Position
The job title or roll of the contactl.

Decision Maker
This identifies the structure who has sign off.

Contact Email
Used to send the automated Thank you email.

Contact Phone
The contact number of the contact.

Contact Address
Full Address of the client.

VAT Number
If the Company is VAT registered.

Platform Type
Select from the drop down menu.

Internal External
Public facing or an in house communication.

Client Stage
How ready are they.

Estimated Budget
This is just a general question.

Member Levels
Intial number of membership levels they require.

Main Purpose
We need to understand why they need a platform.

Current users
Current users or the amount of staff, even if 0.

Estimated Users
Estimate of users over the first year.

Initial Yearly Pack
Initial member pack purchase, yearly.

Initial Monthly Pack
Initial member pack purchase, Monthly.

Additional Member Pack Volumes
Additional users over pack sizes.

Dedicated Server
Opt for a dedicated server or over 1,000.

Web Apps Graphics Packs
Optional extras.

Extra Member Levels
More than 3 levels subject to approval.

Target Live Date
Whe would they like to go live.

Let's us know you are not a robot.

Simply complete the form and press the button.