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FIOFRO Distributor Overview

A FIOFRO Limited Licensed Distributor is an individual or company who has been licensed under contract to promote and provide our services under their own brand.

Licensed Distributors are people who wish to develop and grow their own business through the generation of long term revenue streams delivering an on going business proposition under their own name or company name as their own business.

Our model is not just about building our business, it is about providing facilities where both Licensed Distributors and their clients, build and focus on their own business growth and we simply share in the success for providing all of the platforms, infrastructure, products, facilities and services without any capital outlay for the distributor or in many cases their clients.

In effect the Licensed Distributor is our partner and our client. In many cases, we never even deal direct with any clients and we do not promote our services as FIOFRO directly in to the market place, our distributors in these cases are an integral part of our business. We provide the services exclusively for our distributors, on their behalf and they order the services from us on the behalf of their clients.

This is not an MLM programme, it is not Network Marketing, it is not a Franchise, it is a real business opportunity where you develop your own business under your own brand and generate real revenues, selling our products and services as shown on this website. It's that simple.

Putting it simply, FIOFRO Limited is an international software provisioning house, we take care of the service provision, development, hosting, technical areas, branding and delivery of service. Our International Distributors take care of all customer engagement and customer service at a local level whilst our clients simply run their business using our systems.

Could you be a Distributor ?


Are you looking to build or grow an amazing business ?

As a FIOFRO Distributor, you actually grow your business as well as ours, your clients remain your clients for life and your revenues remain your revenues for life. We have a set sales and marketing process and full training support to help you make the most out of your FIOFRO Distributor oppoertunity.


Are you looking for a business opportunity that has a zero capital outlay ?

Most companies offering the type of opportunity we are offering would try to sell you a franchise, we would rather you use your resources to grow your business, rather than pay us an hiuge signup fee, so we do not charge you for becoming a FIOFRO Distributor. Your success is our success.


Do you want to benefit financially for the entire lifetime of your client ?

You own and manage your clients, unless you choose for them to be managed, this means that your clienmts are yours for life and your revenues are yours for the entire lifetime of your client. It's that simple.


Do you want to help your client generate revenues for their own business ?

Our services are designed to help your clients grow their business and increase their revenue streams, this means that clients tend to remain clients for a very long time as our services become an integral part of their business. Contact us to find out more?


Are you interested in real unlimited earning potential ?

Putting it simply, we DO NOT cap your earning potential, where you eran it or the amount of time in which you earn it, we are a software provisioning company, so we provide the softwarte and all of the support and you exclusively manage your clients.


Can you sell a technology product that benefits your client and generates them revenues ?

You do not need to have any technical expertise as our team takes care of everything, but you do need to be able to show a client how our technology can benefit their business and help them grow additional re=venues streams for their business. We will provide you with full training to help you with this.


Can you see the opportunity our platforms present to clients ?

For your clients to see the opportunites our platforms bring to their organisation, it is important that you first see and identify the opportunies for them. We can train you how to do this but it is all about matching features to needs within your clients business.


Can you manage and support your clients ?

Whilst we do provide a facility for people to become simple introducers and we manage everything from that point onwards, a FIOFRO Distributor needs to be able to manage and build a relationship with their clients in the deliver of long term mutually beneficial solutions to their organisation.

If you answered YES to any of these questions then becoming a FIOFRO Licensed Distributor is the right opportunity for you.

Why not contact FIOFRO today to find out more information?