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About Our Branded Hybrid Platforms

Our Hybrid Social Platforms provide you with the ultimate experience to you or your organisation to connect, consolidate, communicate and engage with your members, delivering increased attrition, increased engagement, increased communication and increased brand loyalty whilst benefiting your organisation. You dont need any technical skills as our experts manage the entire system for you.

More than a state of the art social network connecting your members together, a hybrid social platform also delivers a seamless experience where your members can find expert advice, documents, exclusive video content, live consultation rooms and much, much more.

Our in house team of experts have managed to integrate our award winning branded social networks with our online advice platforms to bring you the latest in community engagement systems, a Hybrid Social Platform.

Taking control of brand, benefit and asset

Their brand and benefit

Are you getting tired growing another companies brand and business, generating them Millions of dollars in advertising revenues and Billions of dollars in asset valuation yet being offered nothing in return, not even a thank you?

Are you doing all of the promotion and marketing for their business rather than for your own?

Who do you think owns and benefits from all the information that you add and people you attract to their, so called, free platform?

Your brand and benefit

Would you like to become your own social media giant, branded as your own organisation?

Would you like to service your own community or customers, generating you these revenues?

Would you like increased engagement, increased attrition and increased revenues?

Would you like to own all of the data you attract and build your own business instead of someone else's revenues?

Your asset your business

Isn't it time for you to benefit from the social asset you have been building for someone else's business?

Isn't it time for you te benefit from growing social media services?

Would it make more business sense to move the assets you have built into a dedicated, branded, secure environment that benefits your busihness?

Isn't it time for you to take back control of your members, followers, revenues, data and your asset?

Is the market large enough?

Social networking is probably one of the largest marketplaces in the world today with over 70% of the world using some form of social media to connect and communicate with one another. This market is currently dominated by a handfull of main players who have come under heavy criticism in recent times for the way they manage their users data and their ability to respond to individual interests. This leaves an amazing opportunity for people to step up and run interest specific platforms that are safe, secure and friendly.

Add to that the fact that the world is full of people looking for advice, information, knowledge and support, with over 3.5 Billion searches for information being carried out on Google every day

This marketplace is just growing larger and larger, but people are no wanting to find more dedicated services, people no longer wish to be a voice shouting amongst a billion other voices, diluting their message, their objectives and their brand. Isn't it time for you or your organisation to capitalise on this demand for knowledge and communication, with a Social Hybrid Platform.

There is a gap in this market for businesses to take control of the assets they have been building on social media platforms, Our branded Social Platforms were specifically designed for you to be able to fill this gap.

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About the marketplace.

This marketplace is just getting larger and larger, to give you some idea of the size of this market and the growth, click on the video to watch the movie about the growth of social media.

People are becoming more and more disillusioned with the largest social media providers, be that because of their policies, historic security issues, data management or inability to respond to the specific interests of individual users within a global platform.

People's understanding of what they want has started to evolve with the emergence of new choices, choices that enable them to join communities that are relevant to and dedicated to their interests, people are starting to look for exciting, new, focused communities. A branded social platform enables you to become that new and exciting dedicated community.

Making the right choice

There is almost a never ending demand for good knowledge and advice but there is also a very large demand for focused relevant communities, there are plenty of physical advice centres, online e-books, physical consultants and general chat rooms or forums and general come one come all social networks

We are talking about something much more specific, something that delivers a vertical, focused community with integrated expert advice services.

Putting it simply, FIOFRO Limited are the only company who owns, operates and provides Hybrid Social Platforms and we have more experience of tailoring our solutions to meet and exceed our clients needs than any other company in the market today. All of our Hybrid Social Platforms are professionaly created by our team of in house experts, are fully responsive and work with all known browsers on PC, Tablet and Mobile.

It is important to point out that you own all and any data created on your platform. We are not a data mining company, we are a software provisioning company who run a somewhat unique model that removes the risks and barriers of creating your own social community that is branded as your organisation and delivered under your own dedicated URL and not someone else's brand or branded sub domain.