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FIOFRO Limited are proud to announce the launch of Welsh Business Links, a social network that is set to become one of the fastest growing business connection platforms in Wales, providing genuine business support and business networking, helping the business owners of Wales grow, develop and prosper.
The Welsh Business Links community network will provide an unparalleled level of service to business owners across Wales with access to over 5,000 business documents covering how to start a business, grow a business and develop a business, taking on all subjects from Taxations, international trade through to contracts and agreements..
Members will be able to connect and communicate with business owners from around Wales within 3 minutes of starting their registration on the platform, whilst having a full array of digital business networking tools at their disposal..
A spokesman for FIOFRO limited stated "We are so excited about this opportunity, we can think of nothing better than a business that helps other business to grow and develop. We are going to go above and beyond with this platform to show fellow business owners what is possible".