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Online Advice Platform Benefits

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Delivering a range of benefits

Owning your own fully branded Online Advice Platform comes with a wide range of benefits for your organisation, FIOFRO provide a fully managed service from day one.

There is no need to have any technical expertise as our in house experts take care of everything for you.

Our team of in house experts build the service, configure the service, brand the service, we add the clients content and images, and we host the service for the client on our state of the art, secure, dedicated servers.

Core Benefits

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Your own Branded Online Advice Platform

Your own Online Advice Platform, fully branded as your organisation. Your Logos, your images, your colours and your content, you own all of your data and your business, putting you in control of your message, your members and your business.

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Creating additional revenue streams

All revenues go directly to your organisation, via your own payment gateways. An Online Advice Platform provides the ability to generate multiple lifetime revenue streams for your organisation via subscriptions, pay to access content and advertising revenues, revenues that you own for life.

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Expert support and management

Your Online Advice Platform is a fully managed solution, hosted on our state of the art dedicated servers. Unlike other services we do not expect you to learn how to build, brand and organise our platforms, with FIOFRO it is all a part of the service that we provide, so you can relax knowing that you are in safe hand.

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Delivered using a secure and stable architecture

We use the latest dedicated server architectures sat behind industry leading firewalls and protection systems in one of Europes largest data centres. Every Online Advice Platform also comes with it's own industry leading dedicated firewall and protection system to protect your individual platform.

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You own all of your user data

Unlike the social media giants, with an Online Advice Platform, you and only you exclusively own all of your users data without exception and inperpetuity. We are a software provisioning house and not a data mining company, so all of the data belongs to you and is your own asset.

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Delivering huge cost savings

You own your business and your brand but you are not having to pay for the creation and developement of an Online Advice Platform from scratch, why re-invent the wheel, we have already build a state of the art platform, we simply build, brand and host our technology as your brand, saving you time, money and resources.

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Putting you in control

You have full control over your platform, the groups, events, ticket sales and profiles, including all categories. This is run through a really simple administration area that provides you with full access to the entire platform from one centralised system.

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Full WYSIWYG Administration system

We have worked very hard to ensure that your platform is easy and simple to administrate, whilst providing all of the stats and information you could ever want, including the ability to email all of your members in one go. This is truly our crowning achievement.

Benefits Review

The above, only covers the technical benefits of our platform, it does not cover the many benefits that are available to your business by having your own platform.

Business benefits are very specific to industry sectors, community types and objectives. Why not contact us and tell us your thoughts and we will use our experience to outline the main benefits for your organisation having your own platform.