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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your advice platform questions

At Our Global Business Ltd we believe in being as open and transparent as possible, Over the years FIOFRO have been asked a number of questions about their online advice platforms. We have selected a number of the most common questions and added them below for your review.

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Why not just use existing Social Media?

Do you want to build your own brand, revenues and assets or someone else's? Using existing social media you do not own the brand, it's not your URL, you DO NOT own any of your member data or members. You are simply promoting and growing their revenues and business, not yours.

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What is the cost of a Online Advice Platform?

We are dedicated to removing the barriers of trade for our clients and to this end our experts create and tailor our exisitng technology which means you pay no development costs, hosting costs or platform branding costs. We simply charge for the use of our systems. Why not get a quote today?.

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How do I get am Online Advice Platform?

To order your platform, you simply connect with your local office and one of our specialists will take you through the process. We have a very simple process that ensures we have everything we need in order to deliver your Online Advice Platform within 30 days.

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How does my organisation generate revenues?

The revenue generating possibilities are endless. Your Online Advice Platform can generate revenues in any number of ways such as membership subscriptions, upgrades, pay per access, sponsorship, targeted advertising, event ticket sales and much, much more. Contact us to find out more?

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Who decides the amounts we can charge?

Putting it simply, you do. We will of course make recommendations and check the commercial efficacy of your plan to help to ensure the viability of the solution but essentially this is your Online Advice Platform providing services to your members, generating you revenues.

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Who collects the revenues?

All revenues go directly into your organisation, you take all of the payments directly into your account, this removes any concerns that organisations may have about ensuring that you get paid the revenues that your Online Advice Platform generates.

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Where and how do you make your money ?

The answer to this question is simple, we either take all of the initial risk and investment so we also share in the success of your Online Advice Platform or we charge an affordable rate for the use of our technology and expert management, it all depends on what you want to do.

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Who owns the user / member data?

We are a software provision house and not a data mining company. The users of your Online Advice Platform are yours, we provide a written guarantee that all user data are and shall remain the exclusive property of you or your organisation.

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Are there any hidden penalties?

In short, NO there are no hidden penalties, we understand our risks and stand by our model, all that we ask is that you promote your new platform to your target audience. If for any reason your platform proves to be unsuccessful, we simply agree a date to stop the service.

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Is there a need for technical knowledge?

Not at all, we deliver your Online Advice Platform ready to trade, we take care of all the technology for you and provide you with an easy to use WYSIWYG admin area, so basically, if you can use Microsoft word, you will have no problems managing your platform.

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If I choose to stop running my platform?

Should you decide to stop running your Online Advice Platform at any time, we simply agree to the date on which your platform is taken down, we then export your entire dataset to an excel document for you and email it over the day before your system is switched off, subject to GDPR regulation.

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What if someone wants to buy my business / network?

In this case you decide if the offer is attractive to you, this is your business so of course you can sell it to anyone, all that happens is your agreement with us rolls on to the new owner, we are simply the exclusive revenue share / software provider.