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About Our Hosting Business.

Fiofro Ltd provides exclusive hosting architecture management for our International Distributors and their clients. We have a number of server locations in a number of countries to ensure the delivery of services across 34 countries.

Fiofro Ltd specialise in fast transactional architecture based in some of the most secure locations in the world, all of our architecture sits behind high-grade industrial firewall technology meaning your site your systems and your data are always secure.

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Security and integrity

Fiofro Ltd are very selective as to what we host, how we host it and who we host with, our clients security and integrity is paramount to our hosting provision and the types of services we offer.

In order to ensure the integrity of our server architecture and our clients, we do not provide hosting services to email companies, web developers, coders or ecommerce companies. We provide an exclusive, private, managed hosting facility for Our Global Business Ltd group businesses and their clients only.

Why our server architecture

Server Architecture

  • We only provide managed services; just give us a call if you have any issues.

  • Dedicated server hardware means high performance, creating a better experience for you and your visitors.

  • Secure data centre with onsite hardware support, which ensures maximum uptime for our servers.

  • We operate automated features such as backups, restores and installs.

  • 500 Mbps internet connection and a rock solid network infrastructure.

  • We use the very latest HP hardware to ensure you get performance and reliability.

  • UK-based support - giving you peace of mind as the internet never sleeps.

  • Simply point your domain to our dedicated name servers and we will take care of everything else.

Server Check

  • Put through a 20 stage check sheet

  • Tested and verified by our team

  • Fully resource tested

  • At secure dedicated sites

  • Using latest hardware

  • Utilising high grade Firewalls

  • Fully managed with 24-7 support

  • Fully monitored for security

Architecture Purpose

The main purpose of our server architecture is for the provision of service delivery through any one of our exciting product platforms and services, we do not provide hosting services for people wishing to host a website that they have built, to help ensure the security and integrity of our servers and our clients, we only actually host websites and services that we have built for our clients.

Fiofro Ltd and their owners take the security of our servers, systems, platforms and your data very seriously. We are committed to providing the most secure environment possible with security systems running throughout our servers and additionally on each and every specific platform individually. We have an average 99% uptime rating with an impressive zero successful hacks record.