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City Business Links Partnership Programme

The City Business Links partnership programme from FIOFRO is basically a ready made business in a box, you become the exclusive marketing partner of a dedicated city business network and share in all revenues from that city for life.

View the key features by simply clicking on the headings below to view the information.

  • 1. Overview
  • 2. Features
  • 3. Benefits
  • 4. Revenues
  • 5.The Process
  • 6. Members

Why City Business Links ?

FIOFRO Limited originally owned and operated a single European business network. As a part of our business growth plane we commissioned a European research paper into the future business networking habbits of businesses across Europe and the interest in a single European business network.

The research showed that in most cities only 25-35% of businesses had an active interest in trading across the whole of the EU. This also lead to a surprising outcome that almost 60% of businesses felt that they would benefit more from a more local, targeted solution. In fact, many those businesses had a passion for building their business on a very local level.

Using the information obtained from this research, we have taken the initiative and invested heavily in the development and creation of the City Business Links programme.

So what is City Business Links ?

A City Business Links Platform is much more than a simple online business network, it is a complete, local online business support and development system that is dedicated to helping people connect, communicate, promote and do more business with one another in their city.

We provide everything you need.
The Brand, the platform, the systems, the special offers, the business document centres and the revenue generation systems.

We take care of everything for you.
The hosting, the security, the updates, the subscription systems and payment gateways, the member management and all of the technology and costs.

You take care of the marketing and promotion
You have the exclusive rights to be City Business Links in your city, simply promote the platform, grow the memberships and get paid. It's that simple.

So what are we offering ?

All City Business Links Platforms are delivered in partnership with local exclusive City Promoters, there is only one Promoter per city and so long as targets are being met, the Promoter has the exclusive rights to work with us in that city.

There is no capital outlay, no hidden costs or fees, FIOFRO Limited pick up 100% of any and all delivery costs and provision for every city.

One of the really exciting things about this opportunity is that, unlike most opportunities we are not going to pay a single commission payment for the work that you do and only the work that you do, we are going to pay you a percentage of the entire revenue generated by the city platform.

That means you make money on every feature, for life, on all memberships, all upgrades, all advertising, all ticketing, all renewals, all member invited memberships, all exchange posts, all 3rd party sales commissions, well on everything, as long as you maintain your targets, whether you were involved in the sale or not.

So, putting it simply, we will provide you with an exclusive type of franchise for your city at no cost, you take care of the sales and marketing and maintain your targets in that city and we will supply, manage and take care of everything else.

You do not need any technical knowledge you just need to sell a product designed to grow business in front of businesses who want to grow. It’s that simple.

Why not contact your local office today to find out more information?

fiofro permission based

Go Live Within 14-days

A fully branded, fully tested, business opportunity that is ready to trade and start generating your revenues within the next 10-days. A full state of the art local business network and support centre generating lifetime revenues for our partners.

fiofro multi member

Multiple Revenue Streams

Multiple membership levels to increase revenue generation, multiple membership upgrade options providing more access for members, business Events & ticket Sales, run your own charged for physical events and much, much more.

fiofro member mangement

Automated Membership Management

Integrated membership subscription systems that manage all subscriptions, payments, activations, invoicing, member management, access control and renewals, leaving you free to concentrate on your business and revenues.

fiofro peer to peer

Exclusive City Partnerships

All City Business Links partnerships, provide exclusivity to that specific city. There will only ever be one partner per city so long as the partnership targets are met and maintained, generating you revenues for life.

fiofro live chat

Main Member Access

City partners are provided with a master user account where all members are automatically connected with that user, so you post something in your city once and all members get the information you posted.

fiofro profile create

Transparent Revenue Systems

All city partners are provided with live access to view the live payment gateway for their city, this means you will be able to see all revenues generated at any time and from any location, delivering full transparency.

fiofro groups

A Fully Managed Opportunity

You do not need any technical knowledge or ability, FIOFRO own and operate the entire platform for the city, we take care of everything, freeing you to focus on your city, your business and your growth, It's that simple.

fiofro video uploads

Zero Capital Outlay, Zero Risk

Thats right, there is no capital outlay required, no hidden fees and no costs, just an honest and open business opportunity that generates you revenues for life by promoting a required service in your city.

fiofro photo uploads

Full Training & Support

A fully tested training and support package to help you grow your city into a success pillar of the local business community, your success is our success so we work with you to help your city grow.

fiofro events

When It's Gone, It's Gone

All cities are allocated on a first come first served basis, so if you have your eye on a city and want to come on board and join the team, ACT NOW as when an exclusive city is gone it is gone.

Becoming a City Business Links Partner, comes with a wide range of benefits to you as the city partner, we have outlined some of the core benefits in our video and provided a more comprehensive list below, why not find out all of the benfits and get in touch, we will be more than happy to explore any idea you may have and to help you understand how you can benefit from becoming a City Business Links, city partner
Please take the time to view the FIOFRO Limited City Business Links overview video outlining some of our core benefits for City Partners.
Benefits of the City Business Links programme;
What are the main benefits to me ?
  • Zero Capital Outlay - We cover it all
  • No Tecnical Knoledge - We take care of it
  • A Known Brand - 19 cities & growing
  • A Fully Tested Solution - We use it
  • Lifetime Revenues - Get paid for ever
  • City Exclusivity - It's your city
  • Quick Start - Live in 14-days
  • Transparency - You have live access
  • Contracted - Protecting everyone
  • Simple - You just promote your city




FIOFRO Limited has a lot of experience in this type of opperation from the provision of stand alone platforms for our clients, we have just simplified the entire process for this programme, we could just go to market ourselves and run the brand, but we are true believers in providing unique, zero capital opportunites for people to grow success.

Our platforms are all about providing a fast and effective way for local businesses to do more business with one another.

A City Business Links Platform is so much more than a business network, it is an entire ready made business in box, ready to start consolidating local  business members and generating you revenues, how successful you are is entirely up to you.

Why not contact one of our offices and find out more about how we can help.

So, what can I make with the City Business Links programme from FIOFRO ?
This all depends on what you do and how many business members you attract in your city, also not all cities are equal, you have small cities and large cities, for example Cardiff in Wales has around 40,000 businesses where New York has around 1.8m million businesses.
For the purposes of this example, we have chosen to provide general revenue rates based upon the number of memberships on any given platform, we have kept the numbers low and only provided the financial figures that you would actually receive as your exclusive revenue share.
Revenue Streams
  Period   You Could Earn
Based on a 500 business member city platform 12-month £60,000.00
Based on a 1,000 business member city platform 12-month £305,782.96
Based on a 5,000 business member city platform 12-month £1,538,914.82
Based on a 10,000 business member city platform 12-month £3,523,294.38
The above figures are based on estimated upgrades, memberships and special offer commission over a 12 month period, they could vary greatly based upon member activity. All figures are city partner revenue share splits and are purely estimated.
The above figures are what you get paid, now extrapolate this by the size of your target city, the amount of businesses you can market City Business Links to and how many of those members join and you will begin to understand the power of becoming a City Business Links, city partner with FIOFRO Limited.
It all sounds too good to be true. How do you make any revenues if you do not charge any set up fees, hosting fees or provision fees?
Well, we take all of the risk in the provision of the City Business Links Platform and for this we share in the reward, in a form of an agreed revenue share. It is like a partnership, we provide all of the systems and support at our expense and you market the service in your city and we all share in the success. It's that simple.


Obtaining your city from FIOFRO Limited could not be more simple.

Contact us by clicking on the button below. One of our agents will come right back to you to answer any questions you may have and to arrange a time to go through our procedures and arrange to send you our programme contract and City Partner booklet. It's that simple.


We will work closely with you through the entire process providing assistance every step of the way, our success and the success of our agents and distributors is directly affected by your success, so we will do everything we can to help ensure you have everything you need to build a successful business community.

So what is the process involved in getting my city live ?

As with our ordering process we have completely simplified our processes for obtaining your city platform.

  1. Tell us all about your city and the type of access you have to businesses in this city.

  2. Complete and sign our city provision contract, outlining the deal, revenue splits and owner details.

  3. We will then create the domain, the platform and set up all of the payment gateways.

  4. We now send you all of the marketing materials, set up your Main User account, add your city to our main portal site and go live.

  5. You start marketing your city and identify your G20 members for your city.

  6. For the first 6 months we review the city every month.

  7. We then move to an annual audit for training support and monitoring.

  8. You are now a live network, with members joining, generating you revenues and inviting other members to join them in the world you have just created for them. It's that simple.
What do business owners really want ?

Do business owners really, still want to attend early morning or late afternoon physical business networking sessions, where they take time out of their business to travel to a location to meet on average 20-40 sales people all trying to sell to each other rather than anyone buying anything?


Would business owners really prefer to connect and communicate with thousands of targeted local businesses in a local environment that is dedicated to doing business, no more travelling unless it is on actual business, no more untargeted, un-solicited sales pitches, just honest and open local business networking at a time that’s right for them.

what are City Business Links core member benefits ?

  • More Cost Effective - No travel, no lost time
  • More Time Efficient - Live connections
  • More Expansive - 1 venue, 1000's of contacts
  • More Targeted - Search, select, connect
  • More Engaging - Live posts, chats, videos
  • More Informative - Profiles, events, posts
  • More Supportive - Full resource centres
  • More Responsive - Instant access & replies
  • Better Value - 1 fee, constant access
  • More Inclusive - Businesses of all sizes




Our platforms provide local cost effective business networking with the additional benefits of being able to access instant business support and development resource centres.

Our platforms are all about providing a fast and effective way for local businesses to do more business with one another.

what are City Business Links core member features ?

  • Create A Full Local Business Profile
  • Advanced Business Member Search
  • Acess over 4,000 Business Documents
  • Local Permission Based Networking
  • Business Special Offer Area
  • Live Secure Video Chat
  • A Local Business Exchange
  • Local Business Events & Tickets
  • Group Purchasing Power
  • Acess Local Business Finance
  • Local Business Groups
  • Local Business News
  • Upload Business Videos
  • Upload Promotional Images
  • Access Business Training
  • Access Live Business Advice
  • Find & Connect with Local Business
  • Find & Connect with Local Suppliers
  • Access From Anywhere
  • Access At Any Time






A City Business Links Platform is so much more than a business network, it is an entire ready made business in box, ready to start consolidating local  business members and generating you revenues, how successful you are is entirely up to you.

Why not contact one of our offices and find out more about how we can help.

The City Business Links Platforms have been designed by business people for business people to deliver the ultimate city based business service.

We deliver local, focused business communities, where businesses can connect, communicate and build relationships with people that they get to know and trust in a local business environment that is dedicated to doing more business in a specific city. A place where our members message is relevant to other members and where making new contacts and doing business becomes a pleasure rather than a chore.

Discover More


No capital outlay, No hidden costs or fees, just an honest business opportunity, generating you revenues.

Special Offers

Want to become an offers partner and place your special offer on the City Business Links Network?

Current Cities

building blocks

The City Partner Matrix :
The City Business Links, city partner matrix already has a number of cities in operation;


  • Amsterdam
  • Antwerp
  • Austin Texas
  • Berlin
  • Birmingham UK
  • Cardiff
  • Chisinau
  • Comrat Region
  • Dallas Ft Worth
  • Eindhoven
  • Glasgow
  • Johannesburg
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Nairobi
  • Newcastle
  • Newport
  • New York
  • San Antonio
  • Sunderland
  • Washington
  • Wolverhampton







Cities are going fast, so if you are interested in becoming a city partner then contact us today to see how you can secure your city for free.

Revenues Breakdown


So what can you earn :
City Business Links is owned and operated by FIOFRO Limited, we do manage the entire system, process and operations, our city partners simply market their city and get a share revenue of the entire turnover of the city platform for life;
  • 1 - 500 Members               = 20% of total revenues
  • 501 - 5,000 Members        = 25% of total revenues
  • 5,001 - 10,000 Members   = 30% of total revenues
  • 10,001 - 20,000 Members = 40% of total revenues

All payments are made directly to the City Partner and is based on the entire gross revenue generated by the city platform, that is against all subscriptions, all renewals, all advertising all upgrades and other revenues generated by the platform for life.