• Fully branded advice platform

  • Exclusive advisor features

  • Users ask questions & view answers

  • Advisors answer the questions

  • Live online consultation rooms

  • Upload & link to support videos

  • Create events & sell tickets

  • Very simple point & click processes

  • A full document management system

  • Sell from your own shopping cart

  • Manage frequently asked questions

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6. FAQ's


Why not just use existing Social Media ?

Do you want to build your own brand, revenues and assets or someone else's? Using existing social media you do not own the brand, You do not own your data/members. You are not valued at billions of dollars, they are. You are simply promoting their business, not yours.


Why not provide help using Social Media ?

Do you want to provide a public service, generating you no revenues or are you wanting to generate revenues from what you know, helping your subscribers through private 1 to 1 advice where you can answer actual questions, providing advice or training with added services.


What is the cost of a FIOFRO platform ?

FIOFRO Limited is dedicated to removing the barriers of trade for our clients and to this end there are no capital outlay, no hosting costs, no platform branding costs. The only costs are for additional services or lifetime license fees where applicable.


How do I get a platform ?

To order your platform, you simply fill in and sign our one page order form and then complete our required information document, you then send this document and your images back to us, we then verify the information and provided it is complete we build your platform.


How does my organisation generate revenues ?

The revenue generating possibilities are endless. Your branded platform can generate revenues in any number of ways such as membership subscriptions, upgrades, pay per access, sponsorship, targeted advertising, event ticket sales and much, much more.


Who decides the amounts we can charge ?

Putting it simply, you do. We will of course make recommendations and check the commercial efficacy of your plan to help to ensure the viability of the solution but essentially this is your branded platform providing services to your members, generating you revenues.


Who collects the revenues ?

All revenues go directly into your organisation, you take all of the payments directly in to your account, this removes any concerns that organisations may have about ensuring that you get paid the revenues that your branded platform generates.


Where and how does FIOFRO make their money ?

The answer to this question is simple, as we take all of the initial risk and investment so we also share in the success of your branded platform. We invoice you for an agreed percentage of the generated revenues at an agreed time after your organisation has cleared the funds.


Who owns the user / member data ?

FIOFRO Limited is a software provision house and not a data mining company. The users of your branded platform are yours, we provide a written guarantee that all user data is and shall remain the exclusive property of you or your organisation.


Are there any hidden penalties ?

In short, NO there are no hidden penalties, we understand our risks and stand by our model, all that we ask is that you promote your new platform to your target audience. Our terms and conditions on the order form outline all responsibilities.


Is there a need for technical knowledge ?

Not at all, we deliver your branded platform ready to trade, we take care of all the technology for you and provide you with an easy to use WYSIWYG admin area, so basically, if you can use Microsoft word, you will have no problems managing your platform.


How much work is involved ?

This depends on what you want to achieve, there is no such thing as a build it and they will come solution. You need promote your platform to your target audience, tell them you exist and why they need to join, once you reach a level of users the system takes care of its self.


I have a shopping cart, can this be integrated ?

The platforms are hosted on our specialist dedicated servers and as such are required to be in this environment so integrating an existing shopping cart is not possible, but we can display your full shopping cart within the platform, achieving the same result.


Is it possible to add items to this solution ?

Once trading, the platform is fully upgradeable based on your requirements and commercial viability. We can add polling systems, crowd funding systems, document management systems, live video streaming and much, much more. Just tell us what you need.


What happens to my data if I choose to stop running my platform ?

Should you decide to stop running your platform at any time, we simply agree to the date on which your platform is taken down, we then export your entire dataset to an excel document for you and email it over the day before your system is switched off.


What if someone wants to buy my business ?

In this case you decide if the offer is attractive to you, this is your business so of course you can sell it to anyone, all that happens is your agreement with us rolls on to the new owner, we are simply the exclusive revenue share software provider.

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No capital outlay, No hidden costs or fees, just an honest business opportunity, generating you revenues.

Current Advice Sectors


Existing Advice Sectors :
We have a number of client platforms in a number of industry sectors, below we have listed the market sectors we currently have experience in;
  • Benefits Advice
  • Immigration Advice
  • Employment Advice
  • Arts Council Funding Advice
  • University Lecturers Platform
  • Student / Eduction Advice
  • Sex Therapy
  • Business Advice
  • Faith Based Advice

All of our clients own and operate their businesses under their brand and identity, this is why we do not list our clients on our website, like some organisations. Many wish our involvement to remain confidential and we respect that request.

Potential Advice Sectors

think network

Are you listed :
All FIOFRO Online Advice Platforms are designed with each client in mind and are extremely flexible, which means they can cater for and respond to almost any requirement;
  • Health and Beauty Advice
  • Benefits Advice
  • Local Authority Advice
  • Financial Advice
  • Lecturers & Training
  • Product Advice
  • Employment Advice
  • Business Advice
  • Private Advice Sessions
  • How to Advice
  • General Knowledge Advice
  • Sales Specific Advice
  • General How To Advice
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Services
  • Medical Advice
  • Industry Advice
  • Questions & Answers
  • Tourism Support

Basically, if you have a knowledge set that people want to access or a support provision requiremnent or an advice service, an Online Advice Platform from FIOFRO will meet and often exceed your requirements. Our platforms are secure, private and branded as your organisation.