• Fully branded advice platform

  • Exclusive advisor features

  • Users ask questions & view answers

  • Advisors answer the questions

  • Live online consultation rooms

  • Upload & link to support videos

  • Create events & sell tickets

  • Very simple point & click processes

  • A full document management system

  • Sell from your own shopping cart

  • Manage frequently asked questions

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1. Overview

So what is an Online Advice Platform ?

An Online Advice Platform from FIOFRO Limited is a state of the art, subscription based online advice and support system that is fully branded and hosted as your organisation and can help almost any type of organisation or individual wishing to provide advice, information, knowledge share or support. The service provides you with a Live Q&A area where subscribers can ask questions of live advisors, A full document management area, video support, events management and ticket sales, an Optional E-commerce solution and Live one to one online consultation rooms, all without any capital outlay costs.

Putting it simply, it is a complete online advice service in a box, providing everything you need to provide a true state of the art service without paying for any web development, any hosting costs or any branding, ready to start trading and generating you revenues within 30-days.

All FIOFRO platforms are designed with each client in mind and are extremely flexible, which means they can cater for and respond to almost any requirement or market sector you can think of.

So how big is this market ?

The world is full of people looking for advice, information, knowledge and support, when you think about it, thats exactly what the internet is, When you are looking for information or knowledge on any subject, be that a price for an item, latest news or to find information on any subject, most people go online, search for the key words and access the information.

What an Online Advice Platform does is enable you to be the specialist in your field offering true one to one information and advice, so rather than the person finding general information spread across countless website in countless countries, they can come to a specialist and ask the question they want answered, find a document on the subject, view your videos on the subject, buy a ticket and book into a workshop on the subject or book a live, secure online consultation. All from within a secure private environment that is owned and operated by you,

So the market sector is as big as the amount of people searching for information on your specific topic.

for example;

We have selected a sample market, where we have a few clients, this sample market is the benefits advice market sector;

There are 180 million people on benefits in the USA, so if you set up an online benefits advice centre delivering advice on claiming benefits, getting off benefits and benefits related topics, your target market size in the USA is instantly 180 million people.

Now, taking that market size into account, think about charging a really low subscription fee to access your information and to get their questions answered, lets say £5.00 per month with a faster reply upgrade of £12.00 per month for example. Your target market is worth just over £900-million per month at the entry level and over £2-billion per month at the higher level.

So if you only attracted 1% of people who want advice in this market to your advice centre, your monthly revenues could be between £9-million and £21-million per month.

All delivered and managed without any capital outlay costs, ready to start trading within a month.

In the UK this same market alone is over 750,000 people and with the systems becoming more and more complex and cuts to services becoming more and more prominent, the need for advice has never been in greater demand.

Think about your target market and the size of that market in an online environment, you may be surprised at the size of business we can help you build.

It is important to point out that you also own all and any data created on your platform, We are not a data mining company, we are a software provisioning company who run a somewhat unique model that removes the risks and barriers of creating your own online business, that is branded as your organisation and delivered under your own dedicated URL.

Why not contact your local office today to find out more information?

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No capital outlay, No hidden costs or fees, just an honest business opportunity, generating you revenues.

Potential Advice Sectors

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Are you listed :
All FIOFRO Online Advice Platforms are designed with each client in mind and are extremely flexible, which means they can cater for and respond to almost any requirement;
  • Health and Beauty Advice
  • Benefits Advice
  • Local Authority Advice
  • Financial Advice
  • Lecturers & Training
  • Product Advice
  • Employment Advice
  • Business Advice
  • Private Advice Sessions
  • How to Advice
  • General Knowledge Advice
  • Sales Specific Advice
  • General How To Advice
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Services
  • Medical Advice
  • Industry Advice
  • Questions & Answers
  • Tourism Support

Basically, if you have a knowledge set that people want to access or a support provision requiremnent or an advice service, an Online Advice Platform from FIOFRO will meet and often exceed your requirements. Our platforms are secure, private and branded as your organisation.