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The FIOFRO Connection

FIOFRO utilises our extensive industry relationships to source, verify and secure direct provision contracts with proven monetisation and capital enhancement facilities.

We use our expertise to identify, understand and match the requirements, experience and expectations of both client and provider to then bring the right capital owner and the right capital enhancement facility together, delivering a direct, managed introduction that meets and often exceeds expectations.

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FIOFRO - Getting it right

FIOFRO takes the hard work out of sourcing genuine capital enhancement opportunities. We work for our clients in a diligent, discreet and compliant manner, placing our contracted clients into direct communication with verified monetisation and capital enhancement facility providers.

Whether it be the monetisation of a cash backed financial instrument, a bank approved Buy and Sell contract, a large enhanced capital contract, a paymaster service or Trust facility. FIOFRO has it all covered under contract.

The diversity, depth and experience of our team gives FIOFRO the access, ability and facility to identify and deliver on a wide range of requirements and objectives. Our approach is very process and compliance orientated, ensuring that every requirement has its own, simple, yet effective procedure, targeted to deliver genuine, verified results for our client.

Targeted facilities delivering targeted results

Asset Monetisation

FIOFRO have direct access to proven, finacial instrument monetisation specialists, accessing monetisation for capital enhancemnent contracts.

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Bank Approved Facilities

FIOFRO can provide direct access to the intake managers of bank approved, Buy / Sell capital enhancement contracts, with entry at €50m plus.

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Capital Enhancement

FIOFRO has direct access to the proven intake officers for large account capital enhancement contracts that have an entry point of €100m plus.

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Paymaster Services

FIOFRO are in the fortunate position of having direct access to specialist paymaster services through a recognised, reputable legal entity.

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Trust Facilities

If our clients find themselves in need of a Trust structure or a Trust account for transactional purposes, FIOFRO are direct to the right facility.

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Proposition Packaging

FIOFRO specialise in helping our clients to prepare and package their proposition for direct presentation to the relevant facility managers.

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FIOFRO - Delivering successful outcomes

Delivering successful outcomes

FIOFRO is more than a sourcing and introduction service, we have a true understanding and extensive experience of our market sectors, the processes and procedures involved, the objectives, the technicalities, the party to party dynamic and how to deliver a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties.

This means we operate under strict procedures where we understand the requirements, we source the facilities, we match the procedures and we then verify, check and confirm everything before taking any actions or providing any direct introductions.

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